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1,000 Runs of LCoG

Pushing the quest tree to its limits

All data in this post was obtained from me running LCoG on difficulty 11. Keybearer data was excluded.

Back in the update 14.0 overview I mentioned in the appendix the different layouts of the questing talent tree that had been tested and noted that whilst I had a brief chance to test it in an LCoG on the beta I hadn’t really tested it a lot.

Well, now it’s LCoG (at the time of this post) and I figured I could be productive and run the forbidden extreme loadout to see what numbers we would be looking at. Let’s do a quick reminder of what the forbidden ex layout looks like:

Basically we forbid any equipment from dropping and ramp up our chest and key drops.

And so, armed with the forbidden ex layout, a lot of feathers and a complete disregard for my sanity I set out to see what kind of return we could expect with regards to chest/key drops (as well as testing talents like the key duplicate one to check it matches up to its description.)

Let’s get to the good part and show the findings:

I have to admit that was a much higher key drop rate than I had anticipated. Normally (for myself at least) LCoG is reluctant to give up the goods but here it was quite happy to spit keys at me at a decent rate (I mean it’s no Void Extreme but it’s not bad) and I’m drowning in Platinum Chests.

We can see the extra key chance talent is currently displaying at a little lower than stated value – this would be something I’d expect to see rise as further testing continues given that it has worked as intended in other quest areas. The F2P rate for keys is not super fantastic but it’s not terrible either.

The downside to running this strategy is of course the complete lack of fodder as the only items you’ll obtain are ones that come from Polonia’s steal skill. However, given the current state of questing (the drop rates for quality items are a bit bugged and mean you get a fair few quests which are just 1 or 2 superior items) I’d argue this is an upgrade and also means you don’t have to deal with inventory management.

Is it worth running? I’d say yes if you want to stockpile chests and keys for future use, whether that is converting them into gems or saving them for future LCoG prints or opening them after Bjorn is released to try and get more coins for him.

I’ll be testing this further throughout the weekend, updated sheet data will be available on our discord and, as standard with these data posts, my raw recorded footage can be made available too.

Update: 2,000 runs

As mentioned above I did continue to test the layout throughout the weekend. These are my findings after 2,000 runs:

The chance for an extra key talent you can see triggered a lot more and is now much closer to the stated percentage (at some points it was higher than 26%) so we can state it definitely is working.

Runestones really pulled away from moonstones in terms of quantity drop – I was a bit surprised as I’d have thought they’d stay relatively close to each other but hey that’s the nature of RNG for you.

I still recommend doing this, though perhaps not as intensively if you want to not risk burning yourself out :D.

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