24 Hour and Weekend Modifiers

Details about the different 1 day events.

On the days between the major events a special event will run that modifies a specific game mechanic. These are generally chosen at random, but voting for upcoming events has been utilized before.

These events start at immediately after each Major event and run until the start of the next major event.

  • 48 hour event between Lost City of Gold and King’s Caprice.
  • 24 hour event between Kings Caprice and Tower of Titans.
  • 48 hour event between Tower of Titans and Dragon Invasion.
  • 24 hour event between Dragon Invasion and Lost City of Gold.

Modifier events have never run in parallel with a separate weekend event, such as Lost City of Gold, but that is not to say it isn’t possible in the future.

Customer Frenzy

Effect: +100% Customer Flow

Your store will see double the customer visits. Literally twice as many customers. It has the potential to give you a +100% increase in profits, as you will serve 100% more customers!


Effect: +25% Multicraft Chance

This is a flat 25% increased chance to multicraft the items you are crafting. It also affects items you have a 0% chance to multicraft normally.

Better Deals

Effect: +25% Surcharge Sale Price

Every surcharge you enact will give you a flat 25% increase on the sale price. It is applied to the full normal surcharge price, making enchantments also receive the benefits.


Effect: -25% Surcharge Energy Cost

Surcharge cost for every item is lowered by 25%. This bonus is applied multiplicatively alongside any ascension milestone reductions you may have.

Resource Fest

Effect: +25% Resource Regen

Your resources will regenerate with 25% increased speed. This appears to stack additively to the resource regen guild boost, and then applied to the regen speed of your towns buildings.

Top Quality

Effect: +50% Quality Chance

Quality chance on every craft is improved by 50%. This is a multiplier, not an additive bonus. For example, if your chance at a legendary was .05% before the event, it is .075% during the event.

Fast Quest

Effect: -25% Quest Time

Quest times are reduced by 25%. Quest time reductions are applied multiplicatively along with all other reductions.

Fast Rest

Effect: -25% Rest Time

Heroes rest times are reduced by 25%. Rest time reductions are applied multiplicatively along with all other reductions.

Fast Craft

Effect: -25% Craft Time

Craft times are reduced by 25%. Craft time reductions are applied multiplicatively.

Loot Frenzy

Effect: +25% Component Drops

Quest material rewards are increased by 25%. This does not appear to affect gear drops in any way, and is exclusive to the quest material reward. Applies to boss fights as well.

Energy Bonus

Effect: +100% Energy From Sales

Every completed sale will result in twice the energy gained, based on your counter level. For example, a level 11 counter normally results in +18 energy a sale. During this event a level 11 counter results in +36 energy per sale.

Merchant XP

Effect: +25% Merchant XP

Every sale to customers will have another +25% XP modifier applied. Merchant XP modifiers are applied multiplicatively to the items XP value.

Hero XP

Effect: +25% Hero XP

Heroes will gain 25% more XP per quest completed. This bonus applies multiplicatively to the XP value, in addition to all other applied XP boosts for the quest.