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5.1 News

Extra! Extra! Read all about a change coming in 5.1!

Kabam Jeremie teased some hints about update 5.1 tonight on the official discord. He offered four choices for us to vote on:

As you can probably guess from the picture the winner was “a little something for high-end guilds.” He then went on to expand what that means:

More guild perks are being added into Shop Titans and they will be packing some incredible power. Permanent resource regen bonus is going to be great for caprice for example, trade slot size allow faster buying/selling of materials, extra uses of guild coins to recharge resources instead of being bound by an 8h hour timer.

He did say that these will not be cheap though, my advice at the moment would be to consider stockpiling as much renown as you can between now and 5.1.

That he was willing to leak information also indicates we are close to the release of 5.1 so brace yourselves.

We also had a confirmation from him that T10 will be included in 5.1:

5.1 will also bring new ascension milestones.

We don’t have any information yet on what that milestone will be, but I would start saving your ascension shards.

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