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9.6 and your wallet

The alternative options

Pricing up the new slots available in update 9.6:

5 Hero slots: 18,250 gems
2 Crafting slots: 27,500 gems
2 Questing slots: 12,500 gems
4 Furniture slots: 17,000 gems

Total: 75,250 gems.

Biggest gem pack in the store (without royal merchant) is 15,000 gems.

75,250 / 15,000 gets us 5.017 packs needed (well, slightly over.) The 250 we can fix by buying 2 of the $1.99 pack. A 15k pack is priced at $99.99 USD so we’re talking:


to buy the new slots.

Things that you could also spend that money on:

  • A laptop or PC
  • A 3 day vacation to Paris including flights/hotels
  • Donate to a local charity
  • Start a savings account
  • Buy a surprise gift for your significant other (or if you don’t have one, treat yourself.)
  • Save it aside for a rainy day

The greed on display in this update is absolutely breathtaking/sickening.

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I have to agree fully. I rarely pay for gems, so I would never see that kind of currency sitting with my shopkeeper.

ya i think Kabam went off the deep end! It’s way too much! i went and checked how much I have spent in total and it came out to be almost exactly $150, and i think i got good value out of what i have spent! but i do not think i would really benefit from any of the new added slots Enough to spend $503.93 on them! i think Reiga hit the nail on the head with this post!

for some crafting costs, i feel like they balanced them around the ascended version. not in this update specifically

It’s absolutely crazy that companies can justify these prices. Surely the ‘whales’ of the community would be twitching too. Considering I just bought a brand new PS5 and got a triple A game on sale for just over $500.

Although I enjoy playing ST, I don’t see myself being invested in the long term. I deem the game a bit of a time waster while not on my PC or PS5.

I just bought my first of the new hero slots (2750). It took about a month of gem savings from just moving gold into gems via market. Doesn’t feel great :(

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