A Royal Visitor

When Reinhold will visit you and how to take advantage

Author note: This is mainly the information from the pretty antique King slide that still floats around but in a page format with some additional mechanic clarification.

Facts about the king

  • He will buy a random item of superior quality or higher that you have on display.
  • Once he appears at the edge of the map he has already chosen his target item.
  • He occupies the same “slot” as a worker/resource giver and won’t spawn if that slot is full (as in, you have a worker or resource giver already in your shop.)
  • He pays you 5 x the value of the item, 5 x the merchant XP and 5 x the sale energy (you can increase the value to 10 x by using a Limited Edition token.)
  • There is a minimum of 24 hours between each of his visits. After that the king has a very small chance to show up each time a customer walks in. This chance scales up linearly with time.

Gaming the king

  • Keep track of the time he last spawned so you know when 24 hours has passed.
  • Obtain a high value item that is of superior or better quality, call this your “king bait.”
  • After 24 hours have passed since his visit, lock every superior or higher quality items except the bait.
  • Make sure there are no workers/villagers hanging around in your shop.
  • Wait for him to show and make the $$$.

Troubleshooting the king

If it has been more than 48 hours since he last visited check the following things:

  • Did you remember to keep at least 1 quality item unlocked – ideally this should be your king bait item
  • Is the king bait on display in your shop