An Answer to the Tower

Struggling with Tower of Titans? Consider this budget wanderer build

If you’ve been hanging around the Shop Titans reddit or their discord/the STC discord you may have heard of a Wanderer team that can easily clear all towers including Epsilon – this is a quick post explaining it.

What you will need
3 x Wanderer
1 x Lilu

We’re using Wanderers here as they are very easy to reach the evasion cap on. We then pair that with some health regen spirits (lizard normally) and Lilu to give them fantastic staying power and able to outlast the enemies the tower throws at you.

And don’t be thinking “well it probably needs sick skills” cause it really doesn’t, you can do this with 3 bronze skills if you felt so inclined. Specifically what you need is:
-A weapon skill
-An evasion skill
-Whatever you want, Parry is quite fun here as is any skill that gives +atk/+def or +atk/+eva or +def/+eva you get the idea.

For gear, you’ll be using Uncommon quality (you can go with flawless if you want, might help if the tower rolls a nasty modifier) items all enchanted with lizard (or phoenix if you have access to Tier 12 spirits)

You can use the loadout suggestions on the best-in-slot (T1-11) page but you do have some freedom – the important thing is to have dual-stat items in each slot:
-For Delta Tower, go with T8 and 9 (lean more towards the 9)
-For Epsilon Tower, go with T10 and 11

Here are two example builds for clearing Delta and Epsilon. Check out a full team example build on STC Hub / An Answer to the Tower.

Below is a video showing the budget team in action against the Epsilon Titan:

Now then, as a final note before I end this post there’s a reason these are called Tower Buddies – they’re designed purely to help you acquire souls from the tower. Ideally over time you will develop other heroes (promoted with the souls etc) that can do the job even better, this is just a baseline to get started (so don’t get too attached to them unless they roll awesome skills.)

That about covers everything. Go forth and be afraid of the tower no more, claim souls, etc etc. :P

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