Game Update

Anniversary Update Teased

Board the hype train once again!

June will mark the second anniversary of Shop Titans since its global release and the developers have put out a video teasing some of the contents planned for that event.


Hello Shopkeepers! A little update on how things are moving for Shop Titans. The team has been quite busy making multiple improvements on our backend and making sure the game will be sustainable for a long time.

But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our upcoming two-year anniversary. We have something very cool planned for the June update that should please those who like to collect and master everything, as well as those who like to dress up their heroes.

Stay tuned and follow our social medias for more details to come around this and the anniversary celebration.

The dressing up of heroes likely refers to the transmog system that was teased in the developer Q&A I did (you can find that here.) I’ll make another post as we learn more – generally the developers tend to drop hints on the official discord as we get closer to release.

Stay calm everyone. :P

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