Antique Store

Things you can buy with your Antique Coins

Last Updated: 7th September 2023

The table below lists what blueprints can be found in the Antique Store and how much they cost. Use the search box to help you narrow down results (you can type “sword” for example to return all swords, “dagger” for daggers etc.)

A * means it’s a blueprint that comes from the King/Champion starter pack offers. You need to be at least level 35 to see them.

Apprentice Tiara*Magician Hat375
Apprentice Staff*Staff4100
Companion Axe*Axe5120
Owl Perch*Staff375
Grand Harp*Bow375
Liberty MaceMace375
Eagle HelmHelmet5120
Firework BundleSpell7160
Legionnaire SandalsLight Footwear375
Imperial ScutumShield5120
Gladiator HelmHelmet7160
Explorer's AxeAxe375
Explorer's Outfit
Summoner HatMagician Hat7160
Science ProjectPotion375
Tome of KnowledgeSpell5120
Magical TimepieceAmulet7160
Hero's BootsHeavy Footwear375
Hero's SwordSword5120
Ring of the ChosenRing7160
Sturdy PitchforkSpear375
Bountiful HarvestHerbal Medicine5120
Harvester's HoodRogue Hat7160
Landsknecht GauntletsGauntlets6140
Landsknecht PlateHeavy Armor8180
Pumpkin GauntletsGauntlets4100
Pumpkin ArmorLight Armor6140
Patchleather BracersGloves375
Staff of SeasonsStaff6140
Gourd ElixirPotion8180
Magical MistletoeHerbal Medicine375
Naughty or Nice ListSpell6140
Peppermint MalletMace8180
Champion VigilShield5120
Assassin TantoDagger5120
Warlord HalberdSpear5120
Warlord PlateHeavy Armor7160
Warlord HelmHelmet8180
Ring of PassionRing4100
Lovely HatRogue Hat6140
Cupid BowBow8180
Lucky MedallionAmulet5120
Milesian ShieldShield9200
Perennial SandalsLight Footwear4100
Dawnflower RingRing9200
Ostara GlovesGloves5120
Ostara VestClothes9200
Old Salt's BrewPotion5120
Ursa TotemAmulet9200
Ring of RhythmRing5120
Axe of The FifthAxe9200
Inflatable MaulMace4100
Zesty ScepterStaff9200
Gentleman BladeSword9200
Tailor MantleClothes5120
Wallace MalletMace9200
Medal of HonorAmulet4100
Star-Spangled PlateHeavy Armor9200
Fragrant BouquetHerbal Medicine6140
Hoartooth LanceSpear9200
Centurion ArmorHeavy Armor5120
Imperial DecreeSpell9200
Sultan StepsLight Footwear6140
Desert ThreadsClothes9200
Erudite VectorDagger4100
Valedictorian RingRing9200
Serrated CinquedeaSword6140
Maplewood GaleBow9200
Convenient PendantAmulet6140
Mountain Man MittsGloves9200
Wizard AttireClothes6140
Prayer BookSpell10250
Night ArmorLight Armor7160
Night CrownMagician Hat10250
Owl CowlMagician Hat6140
Swan's EdgeDagger10250
Lucky StrikeDagger10250
Venerable OatsHerbal Medicine4100
Gobble Lord HelmHelmet10250
Blizzard ArmorLight Armor4100
Winter's TouchGauntlets10250
Santa’s Elf HatRogue Hat5120
Jolly RangerBow10250
Dragonsoul PendantAmulet8180
Emperor WyrmguardShield10250
Scroll of FortuneSpell8180
Fortunate GlovesGloves10250
Luckiest CloverHerbal Medicine9200
Bunbun BucklerShield9200
Seafarer BladeSword9200
Shoes of StyleLight Footwear9200
Tangy DecoctionPotion9200
Raven MaskMagician Hat9200
Smith AttireLight Armor9200
Striped StarMace9200
Oak EssencePotion9200
Centurion HelmetHelmet9200
Sultan DaggerDagger9200
Spellward HatMagician Hat9200
Equinox RodWand9200
Vanguard GreavesHeavy Footwear9200
Grand TyroleanRogue Hat9200
Handcask '65Gun9200
Freyja's TalismanAmulet10250
Grimar's Grand WandWand10250
Midnight OilPotion10250
Owl Wing WandWand7160
Swan's GarmentLight Armor10250
Birdbane HalberdSpear10250
Snowball LauncherGun4100
Blizzard RingRing10250
Peppermint CaneWand5120
Staff of MerrimentStaff10250
Dragon DaoSword10250
VIP TalismanAmulet10250
Republic GauntletsGauntlets7160
Republic CoiffeMagician Hat10250
Cloudwalker ChakramDagger6140
Cloudwalker ArmorLight Armor10250
Republic Garments Clothes10250
Cloudwalker StepsLight Footwear10250
Oxen ImpactGun10250
Kodiak HelmetHelmet6140
Kodiak KleaverAxe10250
Cu Chulainn’s LanceSpear6140
Milesian MailHeavy Armor10250
Wild Oak RoseHerbal Medicine10250
Druidic GrimoireSpell10250
Ostara HatMagician Hat5120
Bunbun BandRing10250
Elegant Tea SetPotion4100
Elegant RapierSword11300
Bunbun BootiesHeavy Footwear10250
Elegant Top HatMagician Hat11300
Gaia AegisShield6140
Gaia MaulMace11300
Gaia's HoldGauntlets11300
Zesty GranitaPotion6140
Pinata HunterBow11300
Rogue SombreroRogue Hat11300
Raptor ReaperAxe6140
Raptor WingsGloves11300
Raptor TalonsLight Footwear11300
Hive Guard PlateHeavy Armor6140
Honeycomb DefenderShield11300
Seltzer SurpriseHerbal Medicine11300
Star-Spangled GreavesHeavy Footwear11300
Jester JousterSpear11300
Sealed DeclarationSpell11300
Plated SqueakersHeavy Footwear4100
Ring of LibertyRing6140
Barkback's ArmorLight Armor11300
Troublin BlugeonMace6140
Cat Burglar OutfitLight Armor11300
Cat Burglar ClawsGloves7160
Forlorn AcornAmulet11300
Primitech SlingshotCrossbow6140
Cat Burglar HoodRogue Hat11300
Ice Queen’s ScepterStaff11300
Twicicle JavelinSpear7160
Canid PlateHeavy Armor11300
Canid PawsHeavy Footwear6140
Aurora SpringwaterPotion11300
Canid HelmetHelmet11300
Dogbone BlasterGun11300
Crunchy BraceletRing11300
Chocolicious BladeSword5120
Moonlight KimonoClothes11300
Moonlight ZōriLight Footwear5120
Super Snack PackHerbal Medicine11300
Moonlight WandWand11300
Shroom DoomAxe11300
Vanguard BucklerShield7160
Vanguard GauntletsGauntlets11300
Nightwing BoltDagger11300
Hallowed WillowBow5120
Nightwing VambracesGloves11300
Aang's RobeClothes7160
Gyatso's AmuletAmulet11300
Fire Nation ArmorHeavy Armor11300
Fire Nation HelmHelmet6140
Sokka's OutfitLight Armor8180
Sokka's ClubMace11300
Kyoshi Warrior ArmorHeavy Armor7160
Kyoshi Warrior FanDagger11300
Crystalice TargeShield11300
Cold Iron AxeAxe5120
Holy Night LanceSpear11300
Santa's Guard GauntletsGauntlets5120
Ice Queen's Summer HatMagician Hat11300
Santa's Guard BootsHeavy Footwear11300
Topaz GreavesHeavy Footwear7160
Titan CrossbowCrossbow11300
Rising StarBow11300
First Morning StarMace5120
Ring of New BeginningsRing11300
Nectar PitcherPotion11300
Waterproof LilycapMagician Hat6140
Boughwrought BowBow11300
Woven LilycloakCloak11300
Tiger Emperor's RobeClothes11300
Regal BanglesGloves4100
Heartcaptor's StaffStaff11300
Unwilting RoseHerbal Medicine7160
Tiger Emperor's EdictSpell11300
Cupid's HeaumeHelmet11300
Huscarl GauntletsGauntlets11300
Raider BucklerShield6140
Wiccan DaggerDagger11300
Wiccan BroomstickStaff5120
Sakura EboshiMagician Hat12350
Sakura TabiLight Footwear6140
Eggshell SmasherMace12350
Bunbun LanceSpear5120
Fellgrove TalismanAmulet11300
Sakura InfusionHerbal Medicine12350
Sakura CloakCloak12350
Bunbun MasqueradeRogue Hat12350
Soulbinder StaffStaff12350
Claud's WillRing5120
Stylish PonchoLight Armor12350
Trinket of the FifthAmulet6140
Goon's FacesmackersGaunlets12350
Lil' CactusHerbal Medicine6140
Desperado OutfitLight Armor12350
Hotshot BowgunBow7160
Titan ShieldShield12350
Titan PotionPotion5120
Dragonseeker GogglesRogue Hat12350
Sky Pirate OutfitLight Armor5120
Soulbinder RegaliaClothes12350
Gloves of RhythmGloves12350
Celesteel KnucklesDagger12350
Desperado SpursLight Footwear12350
Hotshot CarbineGun12350
Titan SwordSword12350
Baross' BackupCrossbow12350
Onyx King HelmHelmet12350
Ivory Queen CrownMagician Hat7160
Pokey ParasolSpear12350
Sandcastle ProtectorHelmet7160
Onyx King AxeAxe12350
Ivory Queen RodWand12350
Supreme SunscreenPotion12350
Fizzy Guzzle BottlePotion7160
Dismantler's PickaxeAxe4100
Pharaoh's PactRogue Hat5120
Pharaoh's PactSpell12350
Pharaoh's AnkhStaff12350
Fruity GauntletsGauntlets7160
Fruity BootiesHeavy Footwear12350
Banana GunGun6140
Premium Brand JamHerbal Medicine12350
Sunset YariSpear8180
Kitsune Spirit MaskRogue Hat12350
Chōchin GoheiWand6140
Oni Rōnin ArmorHeavy Armor12350
Button MasherMace7160
Power FlipperBow12350
Gamepad MiniAmulet12350
Musketeer HatRogue Hat8180
Épée d'ArtagnanSword12350
Gants d'ArtagnanGloves12350
Thorn Baron ArmorHeavy Armor6140
Thorn Baron HelmHelmet12350
Vampire WingsCloak6140
Thorn of ScornSword12350
Crown of TyrannyHelmet6140
Tyrant Plate ArmorHeavy Armor12350
Tyrant FistsGauntlets12350
Tyrant CloakCloak9200
Nightwing ShoesLight Footwear7160
Ring of Vampire KinRing8180
Curse of the NightSpell10250
Flint Corn BundleHerbal Medicine5120
Hunter MoccasinsShoes12350
Elite PathfinderBow12350
Tale of the UnicornSpell7160
Ice Queen's SilksClothes12350
Crystalice LoopRing12350
Santa's Guard PlateHeavy Armor8180
Merry ChristmaceMace12350
Christmas SpiritSpirit12350
Gift Wrap RifleGun12350
Creamy ScallopsMeal7160
Lost Star ChartSpell12350
Bastion of DawnShield12350
Glazed Mirror CakeDessert12350
Qian LoopRing6140
Empress War FanDagger12350
Empress HairpinsMagician Hat12350
Bunny SpiritSpirit4100
Qian ChopperAxe8180
Steamed Sea BassMeal11300
Warrior AssegaiSpear7160
Elongo ShieldShield12350
Ogun's Onyx RingRing12350
Cupid RobesClothes8180
Lover's QuarrelAxe12350
Love DeclarationSpell12350
Chocolate BoxDessert6140
Chronos RunebladeSword7160
Eternal HourglassAmulet12350
Lost Warrior's PlateHeavy Armor12350
Sugar Shack SpecialMeal5120
Maple Ration MiniRing12350
Fork of RoastingWand12350
Maple Holy GrailPotion12350

Aside from blueprints you can also find the related pack’s wallpaper, flooring, decorations and avatar items. You can also find decorations from previous seasonal collections as well.

Once you run out of options the game can display in a slot it will offer you something from this table instead:

Chipped Runestone10010
Flawed Runestone10020
Chiselled Runestone10050
Perfect Runestone10080
Lesser Moonstone5010
Greater Moonstone5050
Seed of Power4050
Seed of Resistance4050
Seed of Vitality4050
Stamina Drink1020
Phoenix Feather535
Mega XP Booster520
Mega XP Drink1040
Repair Kit310
Repair Kit515
Repair Kit1030
Champion Coin515
Champion Coin3060
Limestone Key330
Ancient Key340
Timeworn Key350
Forsaken Key375
Gold Compass520
Research Scroll2540
Research Scroll5075
Ascension Shard1025
Ascension Shard50100
Sigil of Grace2020
Sigil of Might2020
Sigil of Spark2020
Sigil of True Might2050
Sigil of True Spark2050
Sigil of True Grace2050