ArchonMal’s Giveaway: STC 4th Anniversary

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Disclaimer: Huge thank you to Kabam Richard and the team for providing the prizes for this giveaway.

ST Central is officially four years old. Since its inception, this site has been a valuable resource for helping players understand the deceptively complicated idle game about selling fantasy items to an endless conga line of mindless NPCs in the name of capitalism. I’m extremely grateful to the team for allowing me to join up and be a part of this especially considering I literally started giving advice by just parroting what they said.

A lot has changed in the past year. My patented (and memeified) “word vomit” writing style is not one of them. Nor are my stupid puns. However, all that word vomit has to go somewhere and two places it went were an article about how the hero skill Extended Warranty is better than you probably give it credit for and the newly rebuilt from the ground up Newbie Corner three-part series.

Ironically, I don’t actually have that much more to say for a guy who literally writes documentation for a living and spends way too much free time writing even more. Plus, you’re likely here for that “Giveaway” word in the title, so please excuse me for taking a moment to thank you for your support and feedback. This site improves not only due to the efforts of the people who contribute, but thanks to you for pointing us in the right direction to help us to make STC better year after year. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning of STC or you’re just hearing about the site for the first time thanks to these giveaways, thank you.

For more on what we have been up to over the last year, be sure to checkout out our STC – 4 years on post.


Now to the exciting part! For my part in this giveaway parallelogram, you have a chance to win a premium worker of your choice, OR 3,800 gems if you happen to have already procured the services of all six. Below is a quick summary of the workers and their effects.

The Wise Scholar+25% Merchant XPRunestones and WandsEvelyn's Wand
The Crafty Engineer-50% Item Break ChanceGuns and CrossbowsRoxanne's Hat
Mundra, The Moon DragonPermanent access to Full Moon fusions.Moonstones and Mundra's Item LineMundra's Moonstone Crown
Yolanda the Summoner+5% success rate with small talkCloaks and FamiliarsSummoner Hair
Kaipo the BakerKing Reinhold will purchase a second item when he visits.DessertsBaker Apron
Yohan the BardUpgrade 2 different furniture at the same time.Instruments and AurasongsYohan's Hat

If you’d like to enter this giveaway, please answer the four following questions. Each correct answer earns you one entry into the prize drawing. For example, if you get questions 1, 2, and 3 correct but your answer to question 4 is wrong, you will earn yourself three entries. You may answer as many as you would like, but MUST answer at least one to count. PLEASE remember to include your player name and ID# – an alarmingly high amount of people make mistakes with this for our giveaways and forfeit their chance to win.

  • How many giveaways are we hosting for this anniversary event?
  • How many Spirits require Chiseled Runestones to craft?
  • What is the highest possible Airship Power score you can contribute during one wave with forty items?
  • Assuming a valid equipment set, how many skills can you get to rank 3 using only T4 enchantments?
    • Total total – they don’t all need to be on one single hero.


This giveaway will run until May 3rd 00:00 UTC+0 (aka Piggy Bank Reset o’clock) One entry per player only – multiple entries may result in disqualification (see the FAQ at the end of this post).

Good luck!

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Answer Summary

Q1: How many giveaways are we hosting for this anniversary event?

  • Correct Answer: C’mon.
  • Successful Responses: 97.8%

There were 15 incorrect answers here, which does not bode well for the rest of these questions.

Q2: How many Spirits require Chiseled Runestones to craft?

  • Correct Answer: 8
  • Successful Responses: 61.5%

Chiseled Runestones are required for all T9 and T10 enchantments, of which 8 are Spirits.

Q3: What is the highest possible Airship Power score you can contribute during one wave with forty items?

Ah, the question that broke the mind of everybody who read it. This was actually my original question 4. My first question 3 was related to the number of gems you could purchase with a certain amount of money, but it was changed because of currency conversions and different prices on different platforms.

This question ran into two separate hiccups while the giveaway was active. First, we found that stat bonuses granted to items from T12 enchantments were unintentionally increased with the 16.0 patch. Then, Chronomancer’s Timetable was released a couple days ago as the new best Accessory for DI.

The idea here was to figure out the best item in each slot for DI, double enchant them, make them Legend quality, and then apply the 25% bonus from the Defenders of the Kingdom talent.

All that said, this was a particularly nasty question in general. A lot of people answered 140,760 which was correct if the items were unenchanted. Many people also tried calculating it and got relatively close to the original expected answer of 241,635. As such, 140,760 as well as any calculated answer that was above 200K was counted for this one.

On a more personal note, this was not particularly fun for me to sort through myself and I can’t imagine many of you had a good time trying to answer it. I’m taking this one to heart and will do my best to not make a giveaway question this brutally difficult moving forward. They might still be hard, but this was too much. I am genuinely sorry for the frustrations this question caused.

Q4: Assuming a valid equipment set, how many skills can you get to rank 3 using only T4 enchantments?

  • Correct Answer: 44
  • Successful Responses: 6.3%

This was my personal favorite of these. First, you need to figure out how much Element you can get with T4 enchantments. Assuming an Affinity item in each slot, this gets you 60 total. Next, you need to use the Datasheet to find how many skills can reach rank 3 with 60 or less Element. Finally, (and this is the classic Archon trick part of the question), you need to determine if every class can actually have an equipment set that will support an Affinity item in every slot.

There are 47 totals skills that can reach rank 3 with 60 Element or less. Monks, Grandmasters, and Archmages all require 60 Element to hit rank 3 on their innates, BUT do not have a T4 Affinity item available in all six slots.

  • No Necklace that can support a T4 Water affinity exists. Monsoon Heart DOES have an in-built Water element, but it’s T9 and thus does not count. This affects both Monks and Grandmasters since they have to equip a Necklace in slot 4. Their innates are technically two different skills, after all.
  • Similarly, no Magician Hat with a T4 Fire affinity exists. Again, a chest BP item does have this element, but it’s a higher tier (Phoenix Crest’s T12).

Giveaway FAQ

“I entered the giveaway twice by accident!”
– I’m aware the system isn’t exactly flawless when it comes to entries – so long as they’re within a few minutes of each other I’ll just disregard the duplicate. If it’s longer than that (say a day for example), please contact me before it ends so I can fix it, otherwise you’ll be disqualified.

“I’m not sure you got my entry”
– Drop a message on the STC Discord with your name and I can check. (Note: Due to Discord’s weird new username system I don’t accept friend requests unless you share one of the main ST Discords with me. Please reach out on the STC Discord if you need confirmation of entry.)

“What do you deem inappropriate or offensive, so that my entry is not disqualified?”
– This is admittedly a bit subjective. As a general rule – if you would not say it in front of a group of school children, in a courtroom while on trial, in front of a religious officiant, or to your parents / loved ones, it’s probably inappropriate. Regardless of your opinion on your entry, I reserve the right to disqualify any entry for any reason I choose, and will exercise that right as I see fit.

“I have a leaderboard ban can I still win the giveaway?”
– No. After drawing a winner, we will check if they have been banned from the game’s leaderboards, and will redraw till a winner is chosen that has not been banned.

“I entered the giveaway and won but I already bought the pack cause I thought I’d lose.”
– You’ll be given a gem equivalent amount instead.


ArchonMal’s 4th STC Anniversary Giveaway Winner: Jay#96976

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