Beginner’s Corner

Helpful advice for newer players

Beginner Guide

ArchonMal has created an incredibly helpful guide to help you through the earlier level. It’s split into 3 sections based on your level and is well worth reading to get a great understanding of how the game works and what you should/should not be doing:

Heroes and Champions: An introduction to what heroes and champions do and what their stats mean.

Once you feel like you have a good grasp of the game, there are more areas on this site to look at:

Hero Academia: A more in-depth guide to heroes, such as what skills to look for, what equipment is the best for them and so on.

Merchant Academia: Covers everything about your shop such as what items to craft, ascensions, how fusion works and more.

Tips: Gameplay tips to help you out.

Community Resources: links to some very useful tools made by various community members, such as a hero simulator and an investment tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock…

Higher equipment levels on the market

The tiers of items you can view on the market is tied to your merchant level. The table below shows what level you need to unlock each tier:

Market Tier
7Tier 2
15Tier 3
21Tier 4
28Tier 5
35Tier 6
40Tier 7
45Tier 8
50Tier 9
55Tier 10
56Tier 11
59Tier 12
62Tier 13
66Tier 14

Higher tier equipment levels for my hero

The item tiers a hero can equip are based on its personal level. The table below shows what level is required to unlock each tier:

3Tier 2
6Tier 3
9Tier 4
12Tier 5
16Tier 6
19Tier 7
22Tier 8
25Tier 9
28Tier 10
31Tier 11
33Tier 12
35Tier 13
38Tier 14

Steel, Hardwood, Fabric and Oil

To start gathering the uncommon resources you will need to reach level 7 in a common resource building first:

Steel – requires Iron Mine level 7
Ironwood – requires Lumberyard level 7
Fabric – requires Tannery level 7
Oil – requires Garden level 7

After you have unlocked the building, you will need to place a corresponding resource bin down to begin the gathering process.

More hero/crafting/quest slots etc

Slot unlocks are based on your merchant level (though you can use gems to buy them early if you feel so inclined.) A list of how many slots you can have at each level can be found here.

How do I…

Leave my guild

If you wish to leave your current guild, you just need to join another one.
Your investments will come with you, you don’t need to worry about losing them. If you feel particularly daring you can also create your own guild and lead it to success and glory!

Level the master

You can use any of the following blueprints to level Theodore (these are only base blueprints, you may also have premium or chest blueprints that can level him as well.)

  • Katana – Tier 6 Sword
  • Battleaxe – Tier 6 Axe
  • Raptoria – Tier 6 Bow
  • Paladin Plate – Tier 6 Heavy Armor
  • Savage Garb – Tier 6 Light Armor
  • Knight Heaume – Tier 5 Helmet
  • Pirate Hat – Tier 6 Rogue Hat
  • Knight Gauntlets – Tier 5 Gauntlets
  • Savage Claws – Tier 6 Gloves
  • Savage Stride – Tier 6 Shoes
  • Knight Signet – Tier 6 Ring

Upgrade furniture in the basement

It’s possible to upgrade furniture you have stored in the basement.

Go to your basement, tap on the item you wish to upgrade and then tap the “i” in the top-right corner of the item.

That will then bring up the furniture upgrade screen, where you can choose to upgrade like normal.

You can request guild helps by going to the right side of your shop and looking outside at the hatch.

How should I use my…


Since update 5.1 you can now use 40 of each seed type on every hero/champion so there isn’t really any recommendations other than prioritisation, in this instance I think the same as what was recommended before applies which is Red type heroes get Seeds of Power (+4 ATK) and everything else gets Seeds of Vitality (+1 HP), you should probably prioritise putting seeds on your champions first since they’ll always be with you.

Ascension Shards

The best use for Ascension Shards initially is to work on ascending all of your item lines to 15 stars. This is because that awards you a 10% reduction to the surcharge cost of that line which becomes a very big deal when you reach the higher tiers.

More in-depth information on ascensions can be found here.

What Items types can currently reach the maximum ascension milestone?

The ascension trees have been extended a few times over the years. Specifically, the with 9.4 and 16.1 updates saw major extensions to all item lines. Currently most lines require either 100 or 140 stars to max.

Check the linked ascension page above for why you should be aiming to reach 15 stars in each line, and there’s a spreadsheet you can find here which shows the cheapest options.

What are X…

Power Boosters

Power Boosters are quest consumable items you obtain from chests, guild bags, the fortune zone and certain packs (Daily/Event Store Packs)
They increase the stats of all party members sent on a quest when one is used.

Normal Power Booster: +20% ATK, +20% DEF

Super Power Booster: +40% ATK, +40% DEF, + 10% Crit Chance

Mega Power Booster: +80% ATK, +80% DEF, + 25% Crit Chance, + 50% Crit Damage

Skill Reroll Dice

Obtained during the Tower of Titans solo event either by completing tower floors themselves or by purchasing the Survival Packs.
The number on these dice correspond to hero skill slots that it can reroll:

The level of dice you receive is based on the difficulty you complete the floor on. Easiest difficulty rewards I tier, and hardest IV tier
These dice do nothing to improve the chance of rolling rare/epic skills! They simply replace the gem cost.

Can I…

Rename my guild

If you are the guildmaster it is possible for you to rename your guild. Simply open a ticket with support, stating what name you would like and they will handle it. Please make sure to include proof that you are the GM.

What does X mean…

BiS – Best in Slot. An item that is the theoretical best possible option for an equipment slot.
CHC – Critical Hit Chance. The chance your hero/champion has to deal a critical hit to the enemy.
CD – Critical Damage. The extra damage multiplier that is applied whenever you land a critical hit.
DI – Dragon Invasion. Refers to the Dragon Invasion monthly guild event (details can be found here.)
HtK – Hits to Kill. The amount of rounds required to kill an enemy in a quest.
RtD – Rounds ’till Death. How many turns your hero will survive before it well, dies.
LCoG – Lost City of Gold. Refers to the Lost City of Gold monthly guild event (details can be found here.)
KC – King’s Caprice. Refers to the King’s Caprice monthly guild event (details can be found here.)
OJ – Opulent Jewels. A component obtained from Lost City of Gold and is used in crafting all Opulent blueprints.
RM – Royal Merchant. Refers to the paid subscription feature for Shop Titans.
TH – Town Hall. The level of this building determines how many members your guild may have.
ToT – Tower of Titans. Refers to the Tower of Titans monthly solo event (details can be found here.)
TrH – Training Hall. The level of this building determines the maximum level your heroes may reach without xp drinks.

Guild Net worth – The total sum of all the guild members investments combined

Player Net worth – The total sum of sales in your shop to customers, including surcharging/discounting, not including market sales

Precraft – A precraft is an item that is required to craft another item.

Soul – Soul refers to a Titan Soul, a powerful item that is obtained from clearing the Tower of Titans. Using one on a hero will promote it into an upgraded version of its class (find more about them here.)

Ticks/Investment Ticks – The amount of times someone has pressed the button to invest into a building. Can be found under the players name in the Investors tab of each building

Weapon Skill – a skill that provides a bonus to the Attack value of a specific weapon type. These are primarily attained through normal hero skills and are either Common or Epic rarity. Common variants will only provide their bonus to a single weapon type. Epic variants will provide their bonus to all weapons of a certain type (melee, ranged, magic) and will also grant an additional universal stat boost. This secondary boost applies at all times and is not dependent on wielding a compatible weapon type.

Why are…

Why are the smiley faces on my heroes changing even though I’m only adding a bugle/swapping the same hero in and out/etc?

The combat preview system (smiley faces) was changed in update 9.0.2. It now simulates the party fighting 20 times and then generates a face based on how many times that hero survived:

By changing any detail about the party (such as an adding an xp booster) the game will rerun the combat simulations and with it being a sample size of 20 it’s possible to see some massive variances in results.

Use it as a rough guideline on how well your heroes will fare but if you’re seeking precision you would be better served using the community simulator.

Do I keep…

My antique tokens

Yes, you keep your antique tokens between caprice events. They live in your inventory.

Do Not…

Have more than one account

You are only allowed 1 account – having any more is against the terms-of-service. When caught the alt-accounts will be banned. The main account will get a permanent leaderboard ban, and a market ban.

Refund a purchase as you don’t like it/it was an accident/the moon wasn’t in the right phase etc

All purchases are marked as non-refundable. If you attempt to refund a purchase by going through Apple/Google or doing a chargeback your account will trigger an automatic market ban. If you have an issue with a purchase reach out to support before you do anything else.