Blue Type Meta

We have been saying it for weeks now, “blue type meta”, or BTM for short. It is the act 3 crescendo into questing efficiency of the tier 9 era, and is incredibly potent in almost all implementations!

What is Blue Type Meta?

Well if you don’t already know, we can now promote heroes with a Titan Soul, obtained from clearing the Tower of Titans event that arrives monthly. Upon obtaining our first souls, we were naturally inclined to ask, “what is the best class to promote?”.

As the data poured in, it became pretty clear, pretty quickly, that all the heroes in the Blue type line were receiving excellent boosts to their base stat values.

This prompted our friend Reiga to promote his Geomancer into an Astramancer, and explore the requirements for allowing this hero to solo Castle Hard.

Enter, Reiga Jr. –

This moment broke the existing meta, and threw it in the trash. For too long we focused on ATK/CR/CD! For too long our Blue types barely inched away from fights clinging to life! But now we have the ultimate meta, one that doesn’t struggle, and doesn’t even flinch!

The secret here was attrition. Plain and simple attrition. Win by outlasting your opponent.

In truth, any class can basically employ this strategy and likely win. However, the Blue types inherently high base ATK allows it to far more easily lean toward defensive skills, because their ATK will always end up on the high end! This is the key reason Blue Type Meta works so insanely well!

What about the Red and Green types?

All bark, no bite

Red types can definitely use a similar tactic. They are able to hit both insanely high HP and DEF values. The problem is they cannot hold a candle to the shear intensity of Blue type’s ATK values. If you want any substantial ATK value on a Red type, you likely have to roll all damage increasing skills, gear entirely offensively, and focus CR/CD.

Blue type is able to gear and skill primarily around HP/DEF, and their ATK will naturally tag along to outrageous levels. So much so that, a well skilled, well geared Blue type, can actually mitigate just as much damage overall as a Red type. All while doing 3-4x the damage!

Incredibly potent, up to 75% of the time

Green types have the highest ceiling of efficiency by far. Their built in EVA plus naturally high CR/CD, gives fantastic returns quite often.

Sadly they fall victim to RNG when compared to Blue type. A well built Blue type can do everything a well built Green type can, but with much greater success percentage.

Green type does pull ahead when the comparative metric is cost of entry. You can obtain great success with Green types with much less initial cost than you can with a Blue type of similar potency.

Let us summarize up to this point –

Why it’s BTM and not RTM or GTM:

  • BTM has terrifically high base ATK
  • When built correctly, they have more mitigation than the “tank” Red type
  • When built correctly, they have a near 100% win rate on soloing Castle Hard
  • Incredibly low reliance on RNG
  • Spellblade is a Blue type

Now for the fun part…

These 4 skills are the bread and butter of this meta

Let’s be clear though. It does not have to be these 4 and only these 4. The common versions work just fine, as well as slight variance skills. For example, Perfect Form is a great skill choice in place of either Mana Shield or Wall of Force.

The takeaway here is that the focus is on ensuring any skill you take increases your survival.

The Showcase –

First we have Reiga’s newest creation, the All-mighty Archdruid!

After promotion, Druid obtains a colossal bonus to all their base stats, and their innate boosts the effectiveness of herbal medicine and amulets. Combined with the skillset shown, and legendary equipment, the results are amazing!

This She-Hulk of a hero can solo castle hard with an effectively, 100% success rate.

I am not kidding, it is so close to a 100% win rate that we cannot even fathomably compute the real success chance!

She takes 11 hits to kill Castle Hard, and can absorb 10 crits in a row, dying on the 11th.

The only way she will lose if is the enemy crits 11 times in a row.

The odds of that happening are so astronomically low that any computational tool I use to run the numbers just spits out a 100% chance of it not happening.

This is further put to use in soloing efforts outside of just Castle Hard, as showcased in this video of the Castle Hard Boss solo –

Next is my own personal up and coming project, the Mega-Bishop!

Mae here is only level 28 right now, but throws her weight around with extreme prejudice!

A promoted Cleric turns into a Bishop, which enhances the innate from 10hp healed a turn, up to 20! This regen is massively potent on a hero who stacks DEF and lowers damage taken, plus has a substantial HP pool to further mitigate.

She is level 28 and soloing Castle Hard with the ability to eat 2 crits to the face and still win. In her final level 40 form (pending on 4th skill though) she will be able to absorb 12 crits in a row, without breaking a sweat.

Multiple Bishops are very likely the most powerful team in the game right now, simply because it would potentially be impossible to lose! Especially if you toss Lilu into the mix with her regen leadership skill and use Lizard Spirit.

Finally, we have my personal favorite hero in my roster, the Saiyan-Spellblade!

Khris here has over 25k ATK, with near 1k HP, and almost 10k DEF. This is all pre-promotion! She is just a plain ol’ Spellblade.

Her survival isnt quite as high as Gaia and Mae up above, but what she lacks in survival she makes up for in shear consistency. She can easily solo Castle Hard, and is part of my “best” team for use in LCOG10 boss and F30 Tower. Her adaptability at being able to dish out awesome damage, plus survive basically anything, gives her incredible power to just fit in any situation I throw her in.

The awesomeness of this build is further expanded upon in my previous post about Spellblades here.

Next Steps?

So what about the inevitable new content, or T10 quest area? Will BTM prevail?

Short answer – we have no idea cause we cannot predict the future. Kabam could change something fundamental about combat or questing and make all this fun worthless.

Long answer – We have a pattern of difficulty being created by lengthening fights via higher enemy HP, and higher incoming damage with increased enemy ATK. The concept of attrition and mitigation applies in the same way as it does today, and our BTM heroes who are built around survival will likely perform incredibly well in future content!

In Conclusion –

With all these fun new builds we are trying, and the reproducible results we are seeing, the only answer I ever give anymore to the question of what to promote, is Blue type.

Every single class in the type becomes on par with a Geomancers base stats, have access to the best dual stat skills, and have gear selections that boast excellent secondary stat choices.

In other words, Blue Type Meta! Try it out, cause it is super fun and it works!

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