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Central Post #1

Basically site news but with a proper name now

Host Change

I’ve changed the host that we use for the site. The migration appears to have all been fine just if you see any downtime over the next day or two understand it’s likely related to that and I’m aware of it.

Hypermax Heroes

With hero power now actually having a purpose now and to give some more concrete guidance on optimal group builds we have a Hypermax Hero page you can find here (or through the hero academia menu.)

Dragon Invasion Feedback

As I did with the first run of King’s Caprice1I’m gathering feedback from players to create an article about the aftermath of Dragon Invasion and to hopefully provide some insight to Kabam about how some players are feeling. If you wish to be a part of this, please fill in this form with your feedback.

LCoG Blueprints

Although the event start time was changed in 10.0 the blueprint unlock times was not, meaning you will be able to get the latest LCoG blueprint from a chest starting at daily reset before the event begins.

This is considered by Kabam to be intended behaviour and that’s how it will remain unless it turns out to cause major problems.

  1. you can find that write-up here

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