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Central Post #2

Translation experimentation and more

Translation Testing

One of the most common suggestions I get as feedback for the site is to offer the content in languages outside of English. In light of that (and something I can now do with the new host) I’ve started a test run to see what people think of it.

If you look in the footer at the bottom of this page you should see a language drop-down and a few different languages you can switch to. If you happen to speak one of those languages I’d appreciate it if you could try viewing the site in it and then providing feedback – I will set up a channel on the STC discord where you can leave your thoughts.

Again this is only a trial run of something, it might not end up staying if it’s proving to be of poor quality though there’s ways it can be refined etc etc. Just something we can investigate together.

Dragon Invasion Article

Due to the sun having a real hatred for my location writing this is going to take longer than anticipated. I have got your feedback don’t worry, just putting into words is hard when you can’t focus as the heat is trying to take you out.

Next Giveaway

Coming next week.

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try to put the brazilian language (portuguese) the brazilian community is big in the game and follows your work a lot

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