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Central Post #3

Some updates about the site and a teaser


The translation experiment has continued for a while now and it is seeing some usage which is great but I think there’s ways it can be done better. I’ll be taking the current system offline at the end of the month whilst I look into alternatives and stuff.


I’m aware some parts of the site are falling behind, been working to catch it up to date in places. Bear with me on that please.

Giveaways and Teaser

Been a fair while since I last ran a giveaway. Here’s a teaser for one that I’ll be running next week:

2 replies on “Central Post #3”

Thank you for all that you do! I don’t know how many people play Shop Titans, but I know that less than 1% have NOT heard of your website.

I love that new content hypermaxing units!
I do have a comment on that one. Can we include hypermax solo build for ranger and dancer or if something else can solo?
Also we have max points and balance for knight, wondering if we have something like this on other units which makes the optimal skill combination?
Well I guess it still says that still under construction but yeah just commenting :)

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