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Central Post #4

Recent updates to the site

If you’ve been visiting our discord you’ll likely know most of these already but hey some of it is new.

ArchonMal joins the battle

ArchonMal (aka that guy who writes about heroes on reddit a lot) has joined the team. His in-depth guides on what makes a good hero (to save you looking under the hero academia menu you can find that here) and what determines if a hero is worth souling (located here) are well worth a read if you’re into that kind of thing.

Hero Academia

Long overdue (but hey I got there in the end) the Hero Academia has had an overhaul over the past week. I’ve refined it so it focuses more on an introduction to each class and what they do as well as now housing information on quest mechanics (because I hadn’t actually written anything about elemental barriers which are kind of a thing later on.)

I’ve received feedback (yes I do read the emails even if I forget to respond it’s not personal don’t worry) about the removal of the promotion table from the page which I’d like to address:

When Titan Souling was first introduced and over its early days it was a lot easier to rank classes for souling in such a strict fashion – with few classes getting upgraded innates and no skill ranks locked behind them it was pretty straightforward to judge the value of a class.

That’s no longer the case these days – a fair amount of heroes get a cool trick and rank 4 skills require them to be promoted meaning there’s classes that would perhaps have been overlooked before now becoming a viable soul option.

Between the academia and Archon’s soul guide you should be able to get a pretty good idea on if your hero is worth souling or not. If you’re ever stuck/in doubt you can always swing by our discord (we have a fancy hero forum section now and stuff.)

New/Updated Guides

Tyco has updated his champion guide and integrated it with the site (you can find that here) and has also written a questing for beginners guide which is worth a look (that can be found here.)

I’ve added a guide about the budget wanderer build we suggest for people struggling to clear Tower of Titans (click this for it) and a guide on how Content Passes work (here.) I’ve also begun work on updating the Spiritual Guidance page (I know right I’m in shock too.)

The tl;dr and hypermax pages have been updated as well. As Nerilea mentioned in her post announcing the Hub you can view information in a much easier to read format that isn’t relying on the whim of Google to decide if the images will load or not and we’ll be changing our links to point there in the near-ish future.

We also have a new heroic information page which contains links/descriptions of the various hero information we have on the site to make it easier to find/link to players – you can find that here.

That about covers everything I think. Nothing that I can tease for you today I’m afraid, just lots of links to new stuff :P .

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you guys have been booked and busy. all these changes are super neat and it’s amazing that you keep on working on these – it’s a lot of work and you’re not sponsored by kabam so your dedication to the community is both admirable and greatly appreciated. lotsa links to check but i’ll for sure be reading all of them!

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