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Central Post #5

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Tl;dr and Hypermax

With T13 due to land later this month these sections of the site are currently not being updated – it would be something we’d have to immediately rework upon launch so it kinda makes more sense for us to hold off for the moment. Appreciate the emails we’ve gotten about it just explaining why they’re a bit behind at the minute.


We’ve also had some readers wondering if we were still writing impackt reviews as they weren’t linked on the impackt page. We’re still making them, just that page requires manual updating and we’ve been a bit short on time recently.

Easiest way to find our latest ones is by checking the blog feed and then filtering by tag – you can click this for example and it’ll show all impackts we have, including ones that haven’t been posted to the impackt page yet.


Soon™. Haven’t forgotten about them don’t worry.


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You could just change the link in the menu to the Impackt category page. You’d lose the bit of description at the top of the page but I think it is adequately covered by the (Pack Reviews) descriptor in the menu.

Appreciate this site and all the work you all do to keep it updated! TY. It has been a huge help. Keep up the great work.

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