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Central Post #6

The death of hypermax and Reication

Hypermax Retired

The Dragon Invasion hero page (previously known as hypermax) has been retired and will no longer be maintained by us.

When the page was first created the idea was to help out players who were having a bit of a tough time with Dragon Invasion, show them some hero builds that’d do pretty well in there whilst also adding the disclaimer that they may not always work too well in general questing.

Yeah that disclaimer didn’t really work out. We’ve noticed a growing trend of players who are taking the DI heroes page as being the “this is the best possible setup for my hero” and then finding themselves sometimes struggling in places like Terror Tower as it turns out they had chosen the ones that really didn’t translate well.

We could speculate as to the why it was being misused – maybe it’s because it was a one stop “this gear and these skills for this class”, or maybe we really didn’t explain well enough why you shouldn’t always use them, or perhaps something else entirely. Either way we feel maintaining that as a resource was doing more harm than good.


I (Reiga) will be taking a vacation away from both STC and ST in general due to personal reasons. Nerilea and ArchonMal will still be here to drown you in data/deliver sarcastic quips as needed, but my health amongst other things demands that I step away for a while.

The ST-Central website and Discord will remain available, and Nerilea has access to the same admin functions that I typically am responsible for, so there’s no risk of a repeat of what happened when Laterus went walkies for a while.

And finally, if you have a complaint about us taking down the Hypermax page, please direct it to R2DaeToo.

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Hmm looks like Hypermax page wasn’t just retired but nuked completely. Shame.
Heads up would have been useful for archival purposes. Anyone got latest backup?

Yeah I used Wayback but hoped there was a newer backup. Unless that actually is the newest one? It was a valuable source for those who knew what to do with it beyond DI. I’ll also add it was removed for the wrong reasons, ironically similar to reasons which ended causing the removal.
Remember on the internet you guys are nobody’s parents and people doing stupid shit is not your responsibility, especially with that disproportionately huge disclaimer I blocked on the first visit.
Whole site is full of information, both up-to-date and obsolete, that could cause more damage if followed to the letter than Hypermax ever could.
Anyway, last ditch effort from me: is it possible to turn the switch on for a day so those who wish to do so can save a snapshot? I’d really appreciate it.

The one hosted on the Wayback Machine and previously linked is the latest version. The page will not be restored here on STC.

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from regarding the removal of the page – really, I do! It was an excellent resource for the people who knew how to use it properly – that these are pretty specific builds for a niche purpose. A skilled player knows the difference and is able to adapt the build to more “normal” usage by simply modifying the gear and / or tweaking one skill.

The thing is: STC is designed to help EVERYBODY, from complete newbies to veterans playing since launch. “High Power = great hero” is an exceedingly common misconception for people who don’t know better. Many people would complain that they struggle to clear high end content despite building Hypermax because they simply didn’t know the difference. They latched on to the idea that Hypermax is the best set and couldn’t be swayed, likely quitting the game due to frustration later.

There was a similar page hosted a while back that listed the best possible skill combinations for all classes. That page had to be removed for similar reasons to why Hypermax has been discontinued. People would throw away fantastic heroes who had skills that we slightly different than those sets.

This is a decision that the entire STC team agrees with (myself included of course). It’s something that’s been tossed around for a bit, as evidenced by the fact that the last update to it was in early November.

Did it really have to be nuked? Now anyone who’d want to continue can’t do it. Please restore a latest backup so we can archive it for ourselves.

Enjoy your vacation and I hope your health improves. I appreciate the work that all of you do to keep information up to date for shop titans.

Thank you Reiga for all the work you have done. I remember when I started with ST years ago and I was glad to have found STC. STC made it a lot easier for me to get into the game back then. All the good tips and data I found from you made it possible for me to get into the depths of ST. Live long and prosper. MANY THANKS

Only reason i ever used it was to look up skills, the one page for examples didn’t seem clear to me. But for gear i usually used the best in slot page.

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