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Central Post #7

A new beginner guide and T14 tease

Beginner Guide

ArchonMal has been working on a replacement for the old beginner guide (as it was really showing its age in places) using his trademark “all the words” style and it’s now ready for public feedback. It is split across 3 parts (note: images will be added soon to break up the text):

There will be a thread on our discord where you can leave feedback and suggestions for the guide which we would greatly appreciate you participating in to help make this the new gold standard beginner guide.

Hero Academia

I updated this a while ago but haven’t had a news post out to announce it since then. It covers the newer classes and has a reworked section on elemental barriers.

Our quest data page has also been moved to be under the Hero Academia heading on the navigation menu. This was done as A) it fits better there and B) allowed us to free space for other items (such as the promo code page.)


Our 4th anniversary (yes, somehow we’re still here after 4 years) will be coming up on April 25th. Make sure to check the site around that time (or don’t, I can’t force you to but if you miss out don’t blame me :D.)

Tier 14

Tier 14 is rapidly approaching. Our current best-in-slot pages will not be updated until the tier launches – this stops us having to sim everything only to then rip it all up when the tier is out and also allows us to focus on our update guide.

And I did promise a teaser so:


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Nerilea also maintains a page where you can contribute towards the Hub and further development of tools for the community to use here:

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