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Central Post #8

Promo code stats, skill rating changes and more

Anniversary Promo Code

Hopefully everyone enjoyed our anniversary celebrations as much as we did and again thank you for all the kind & supportive messages. The promo code we had created for the event was redeemed 17,931 times, meaning Kabam effectively gave away 717,240 ascension shards, research scrolls, antique tokens and dragonmarks.

To put that into perspective it would cost a player $827,961.63 USD to buy the equivalent currency from the webstore. We thank Jeremie for opting not to buy a new wing for his summer castle this year and instead using the funds to support the community.

Let’s aim higher next year :D

Skill Rating Changes

If you use the hero tracker (or the embedded version on our tl;dr page) you may have noticed a drastic shift in some of the skill ratings for every class. ArchonMal and myself have been planning this out for a while now – originally we had hoped we’d know if there’d be rank 5 skills or not by now but given how often the page is referred to we wanted to get the changes out sooner rather than later. Briefly touching on a few of the adjustments we made:

  • The sunglasses column has been retired for the moment – we felt (based on our interactions with people across discord/reddit/everywhere else you can find us) it wasn’t serving its intended purpose of marking out skills that should justify checking the next couple of slots regardless of what they rolled but instead was encouraging players to zero in on that column, considering green face column as “okay-ish” skills and everything below that as trash which was definitely not the intent.
  • Weapon skills all got pulled into top tier to indicate how important it is for damage dealers to have one (and demoted like heck for tank classes.)
  • Maintenance has proven to be a viable skill for tanks under certain conditions so got pulled up a couple of ranks for them.

Impackts/BiS Updates

I’m aware these have been coming out a bit later than they used to recently – Nerilea and myself have both been busy with irl stuff but we will try to get back to the usual pacing of them when we can.


Chaos Legions (rank 28 guild that contains most of the STC staff) are looking to recruit 1 player to replace a retiring member. If you’d like to join a laidback guild which finishes events quickly with 0 weekly bounty/invest requirements please dm Reiga or R2Dae2 on discord. Ideally we’d like players around 800g+ invests however this is negotiable (I mean hell we took Vuaux in and he’s below 300.)

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