Combat Compendium

All our currently known information about how combat functions in Shop Titans. Including devised formulas, probability, and all other relevant data.

All mentions of “Hero” or “Heroes” also includes Champions. Their mechanics work just the same as heroes.

Heroes appear to be randomly placed in the fights, with no discovered method on how to affect this… yet.

The enemy always attacks first.

The player’s team turn order always follows the same pattern:

  • For 3 slot quests, the order is:
    • Middle
    • Left
    • Right
  • For 4 slot quests, the order is:
    • Middle Left
    • Far Left
    • Far Right
    • Middle Right
  • For 5 slot quests, the order is:
    • (Will be filled in after next LCOG)

Hero Damage

ATK = Damage

Enemies have no defense values. This results in champions and heroes dealing exactly their ‘in combat attack values’ as base damage.

‘In combat attack values’ is potentially different than hero sheet displayed attack before the quest. Many spirits do not apply their value add until in combat, and certain skills can also affect in combat values.

How it’s calculated

ATK = (Base ATK + Seed ATK
+ (Weapon ATK + Enchants) * (1 + Weapon Skill + Gear Skill)
+ (Gear ATK + Enchants) * (1 + Gear Skill) )
* (1 + ATK Modifiers)

Simple right? Lets break it down…

Take a look at my buddy Gong here, with zero gear –

Geomancer with Extended Warranty, Wand Master, Double Cast and Electric Arc

Gong’s naked ATK value is 2484, which is his base ATK multiplied by his skill bonuses. We can find our “Base ATK” by dividing his displayed ATK by the sum of all skill bonuses + 1

Double Cast = +100% ATK
Electric Arc = +80% ATK
2484 / 2.8 = 887

Gong’s base ATK is 887
To add to our equation up top, I know he has 0 seeds of power, so we are at…

(887 + 0
+ (Weapon ATK + Enchants) * (1 + Weapon Skill + Gear Skill)
+ (Gear ATK + Enchants) * (1 + Gear Skill) )
* (1 + ATK Modifiers)

Now lets move onto the weapon…

“All equipment” includes weapons (Extended Warranty has been nerfed since this post was made, so bear that in mind as the stats used are purely for educational purposes)
50% attack from the Wand Master Skill
Element and Spirit add to base ATK of weapon

A non-enchanted legendary Wand of Midas has an ATK of 1230
This one has a Tide Element and Wolf Spirit –
A Tide Element adds 38 ATK
A Wolf Spirit adds 16 ATK

Bringing the total base attack of this wand to 1284

Now we apply the weapon skill from Wand Mastery as well as the gear bonus from Extended Warranty –
1284 * (1 + (.5 + .3)) = 2311.2

We round the result using traditional rounding rules to 2311, so now we are at…

(887 + 0
+ (2311)
+ (Gear ATK + Enchants) * (1 + Gear Skill) )
* (1 + ATK Modifers)

Now for the rest of the gear…

A non-enchanted Flawless Mistpeak Bloom has a base ATK of 163
A non-enchanted Flawless Tarot Deck has a base ATK of 795

Enchanting base value increases apply, same as on weapon –
A Tide Element adds 38 ATK to Tarot Deck (Mistpeak’s is built in)
An Eagle Spirit adds 16 ATK to both items

Now we simply take these new base values and apply the gear bonus –
179 * 1.3 = 232.7 and 849 * 1.3 = 1103.7

Rounding and such, the results are 233 for Mistpeak and 1104 for Tarot, and gear values like this are entirely additive for the final calculation, so our current equation becomes…

(887 + 0
+ (2311)
+ (233 + 1104) )
* (1 + ATK Modifers)

Now the flourishing finish, skills and spirits!

Skills on this Hero

Quick note: equipping these 3 items with enchants has bumped his Wand Mastery to level 2, which is a 100% boost instead of only 50%. This simply changes our weapon ATK result and will be reflected in the final equation below!

All non-specific ATK modifiers are pooled and applied at the very end!

Lets itemize and see what we are working with –

  • Geo Innate skill gives 1% for every point in any element! Gong here has 3 Tide Elements as we know, which totals 30 “element”, giving +30% ATK bonus
  • Extended Warranty was already applied to our gear, and is NOT pooled at the end
  • Wand Mastery was already applied to the wand and is NOT pooled at the end
  • Double Cast is a +100% boost to ATK
  • Electric Arc is a +80% boost to ATK
  • There is a Wolf Spirit on the weapon which gives +5% ATK

Consolidated we have – 0.3 + 1 + 0.8 + 0.05 = 2.15 or 215% ATK modifier

Which finally gives us…

ATK = (887
+ (1284) * (1 + 1 + 0.3)
+ (179) * (1 + 0.3) )
+ (849) * (1 + 0.3) )
* (1 + 0.3 + 1 + 0.8 + 0.05)
= 16307.55

which becomes
ATK = (887
+ 2953
+ 233
+ 1104)
* (3.15)
= 16307.55

The game rounds .5 down on these final calculations

Enemy Damage

Damage Taken = <variable based on quest and defense>

Enemies deal damage based on the player’s champion and/or heroes defense values.

There exists a ‘Defense Cap’, where the defense value of the players champion or hero has reached a breakpoint to cause the enemy to deal its hard coded minimum damage. Any defense above this value is ineffective.

Before the cap, there are 2 slope changes as Defense values rise. One at 50% damage mitigation, and another at 70% damage mitigated.

Every quest has its own unique values and breakpoints for Defense Caps and Enemy DMG. These values possibly change with game patches. The most recent known values will always exist over on the ‘Quest Data’ page, located here. Every quest is listed and includes the Defense Caps and Enemy DMG.

  • Enemy DMG = Base damage value of the enemy
  • Minimum DMG = Enemy DMG * 0.25
    • This is a hard floor on damage mitigation
  • Maximum DMG = Enemy DMG * 1.5
    • This is a hard ceiling on enemy attack potency
  • Defense Cap = The quantity of defense required to reach the Minimum DMG

A hero (or Champion) will take anywhere from 1.5x to 0.25x the quest monster’s DMG stat, depending on their Defense stat. Heroes take 100% of the enemy’s DMG stat at half of the 50% breakpoint. This can be considered the 0% breakpoint.

  • e.g. If the 50% breakpoint for a given zone is 1,000 Defense, a hero has 0% damage reduction (and will take full, unmitigated damage) at 500 Defense. The hero will take increased damage starting at 499 (up to 50% extra damage at 0 Defense).

How it’s calculated

DEF = (Base DEF + Seed DEF
+ (Shield DEF + Enchants) * (1 + Shield Skill+ Gear Skill)
+ (Gear DEF + Enchants) * (1 + Gear Skill) )
* (1 + DEF Modifiers)

Same process as ATK essentially, only you compute on Defense instead of Attack

There is 1 potential “gotcha” here, and that is on heroes that use shields. Treat it like a weapon skill, as the equation above shows


HP = (Base HP + Seed HP
+ (Weapon & Gear HP + Enchants) * (1+ Gear Skill) )
* (1 + HP Modifiers)

Basically the same as the ATK and DEF formulas except weapon and shield skills don’t affect secondary stats since the 4.3 update so you’d just factor in gear skills like Extended Maintenance and Super Genius since these still do affect secondary stats

Hero CR and CD

Chance to crit = CR
Critical Damage = ATK * Critical Damage Modifier

These values are displayed on a champion and/or heroes equipment screen, viewed by tapping or clicking on the actual ATK value displayed.

Displayed critical rate is the effective chance to obtain a critical hit on every swing from the champion or hero.

Critical damage is applied directly to normal damage in simple multiplication.

Enemy CR and CD

Chance to crit = 10%~
Critical Damage = 1.5x

All enemies appear (sample size is not large enough yet to claim full accuracy) to have a 10% chance to deal a critical hit to the player’s champions or heroes.

Enemy critical damage is 150%, or 1.5x. However, enemy base damage is utilized at all defense values above half the first soft cap.

For example, the first soft defense cap on Castle Hard is 5760. At all defense values 2880 and above, the enemy will assume its base damage as the value used in CD. For all defense values 2880+, heroes will take 100 * 1.5 damage on all critical hits.


Chance to evade = EVA%

Enemies have 0% EVA with the exception of Agile mini-bosses who have a 40% EVA

Area of Effect Attacks

AoE chance = 20-25% pending on Quest/Enemy
AoE damage = Damage taken * .5-.75

Enemies will only AoE if there is more than 1 hero to attack. Solo heroes will never experience an AoE attack.

AoE damage varies from 50% to 75%, as each quest has a base AoE DMG value. These values are typically 50% in the higher tier quests, but areas before Chronos Ruins are sporadic. Check the table on the ‘Quest Data’ page for up to date percentages, located here.


% Chance for hero to be targeted = Hero’s threat / Total party threat

A higher threat rating will result in more hits being taken, however its still a percent chance. There is no current way to reach a high enough threat level to ‘tank’ every hit.

Break Chance

It is unknown exactly when and how break chance rolls happen, however there are certain facts that are known:

  • Break chances accumulate per round but are not rolled until the end of the fight
  • You can only break 1 item per hero
  • Dead heroes do not roll break chances
  • Certain items roll break chance on certain actions
    • What these triggers are is currently unknown
    • Theory is weapons and accessories roll break chance on attacks performed, while armor and shields roll break chance on being attacked

Power Rating

Whilst Power Rating is used to prevent heroes entering dungeons too hard for them (at least, that’s how it’s meant to work anyway,) it has absolutely no impact on combat at all.

Thank you to Ress for helping update the page