Coming soon to Shop Titans – Tamas Day Update

Coming soon to Shop Titans, Tamas has a lot in store for us.

Transcript“Hey dude, I wanted to let you know about a couple things I decided to implement in the game for the upcoming Tamas update.
We will now be banning players who use market slots as inventory.
We are reintroducing failure chance for epic fusion and also adding one for flawless and uncommon in order to balance the market economy.
We are permanently removing all water elements, in support of the suez canal debacle, players can contact customer support to receive a refund on scrolls and shards spent on those enchantments.
We are now repurposing the hamster pet as a new champion that would only request lettuce, a new type of item only available in the premium store.
All items will now use leather as our fourth resource, items that already use leather will now require more leather.
We will also start mining bitcoins on your devices to pay for the ever-increasing server costs.
And Finally, we tweaked our seasonal content structure to allow players that purchase only the second offer of a twin pack during a full moon wearing the bunny onesie within 30 seconds of seeing it to roll a new gacha that has 12.5% chance of containing the superior superior offer, available for purchase.
Thank you and see you soon.”

Woah Dude, that’s a lot to take in.
Let’s take it one step at a time.

Market Slots Change

Lets face it, people were way over using the market and not for its intended purpose. Rather than removing the market entirely they’ve made it a bannable offense to store items in there. Bold move.

Fusion Changes

During the beta for the fusion update there was a 20% chance to fail an epic fusion. Tamas is reintroducing that along with failure chances for both flawless and uncommon (superior) items.

Water Elements

If you haven’t heard about it by now there was a big incident regarding a cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal, a major trading route for world trade goods. Thus Tamas in support of this situation has decided to remove all water enchantments from the game.

As a result Rest in Peace Elemental Ascensions, having 3 items removed from their tree makes it so you can only reach 45 Stars in the line making it so Elemental Titan is no longer possible. Although from the response to the recent change to that Milestone from Quality Chance to Surcharge Value most elemental crafters likely won’t care.

Hamster Champion

They’re repurposing the hamster pet as a new champion. The item it’ll request when it comes into your shop to give you champion coins will be lettuce which is a new item only available in the antique shop. Maybe Zesty Hamburger will finally be able to wield his Zesty Scepter. Excited to see what new team compositions we can build around our trusty new champion.

Leather on everything

Tamas loves leather and all things leather, so now all things will be leather. All items will now require leather as a fourth resource and items that already require leather will need more of it to craft. Better get upgrading your leather bins and investing into your tannery.

Superior Superior Pack

And finally, when everything aligns perfectly and you’re well prepared with a pack released, you wait till its a full moon and you equip your bunny onesie before buying only the second offer fast enough1 and get lucky in the gacha, then you too can have the opportunity to purchase the all new Superior Superior offer.


Tamas has a lot in store for us and these all look like fantastic and fun new changes to the game, hope you all enjoy the update!

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We’re releasing an audiobook!

Written by Scotty, Recorded by Snype, Published by Reiga.

Tamas Day Gift

We got a free gift for this Tamas Day, last year everyone got a Tamas Hat. This time around it’s a beard! The Beard recolours along with the rest of your hair.

  1. within 30 seconds

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