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Community looking for Laterus :-(

The situation with STC

The issues with the main site are ones that out of my control to fix – it requires Laterus. From what I can understand his WP blog and his host have had a disagreement somewhere, and whilst I took over running Central when he left, we hadn’t yet sorted transferring the hosting rights which means I can’t fix it without him.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to make contact with him for a period of time now, so whilst we keep making attempts to reach him I’ve started to set up a mirror on this domain. Hopefully he’ll be back soon and we can all relax.

I’m aware it doesn’t have everything set up yet, I’m working on it as fast as I can. Pretty sure any moment now Laterus will show up and be like “yeah dw all covered” and we can all move back to the other domain, this one will continue to exist as a copy so this situation doesn’t happen again.

On a more pessimistic/preparing for the worst, if Laterus doesn’t resurface then this will become the main hub for ST Central. Hoping that scenario doesn’t come to pass but it would be foolish to not plan for it.

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Your work is appreciated more than you realize. Since Laterus’s disappearance you have done a fantastic job filling his shoes.

Seconded. Reiga you’ve done tremendous work. I hope Laterus comes back, but I also understand if he doesn’t. Wish I could support you technically, but for now, I’ll do what I can to express my gratitude for your work and wit more frequently.

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