Community Resources

Community created resources for Shop Titans. If you know of a tool or link that you would like to see listed here, please reach out so we can get it added!

Websites and Communities

ST Central Hub –
ST Central Discord –
Official Discord –
Official French Discord –
Shop Titans Facebook Fanpage –

  • The facebook fanpage is ran by a group of content creators who are incredibly skilled and wonderful community members. They occasionally run giveaway contests for gems and are also the makers of the event schedule we have linked in the menu bar.

Tools and Calculators

Toolkit by Shoruki

Comprehensive Google Sheet designed and released by Shoruki!

This catalog contains many tools designed to assist a player with their own tracking and/or optimization. It is updated regularly, and Shoruki is hard at work developing further improvements!

Some existing features:

  • Investment and Tick calculator
    • Input your ticks, input your goal, find out how much gold it will require!
  • Market Calculator
    • Is that gem to gold, or gold to gem flip you have been eyeing on the market worth it? This will help you
  • And many more!

Ress’ Hero Simulator

Community member Ress has now combined his 2 excellent tools into one which you can use to plan out your ideal heroes and see how well they would perform against current content.

The first tool was Ress’ Hero Builder, a spreadsheet-based hero builder where you can try out different combinations of gear and skills to find a hero that suits you. The second tool was Ress’ Combat Simulator/Quest Sim another spreadsheet-based tool that allows you to input your entire roster of heroes stats and see what their success chances are against different dungeons and different team compositions

Now Ress has combined both of these tools into a single spreadsheet that enables you to create up to 5 heroes like in the Hero Builder while also being able to input your entire roster into it like the Combat Simulator and sim theoretical heroes with ones you already have. It also gets new pack items added to it without needing to get a new copy as well as tells you if there is a new version available, what was added and which version you’re currently on. Here is a link to Ress’ Hero & Quest Simulator.

Drakeonfire’s Hero Tracker

Drakeonfire has created an excellent tool which you can use to track your heroes – you can tag them with various descriptions to remind you what you were planning, get a rating for each skill on that hero and much more.

Click this link to be taken to it.

Champion/Boss Calendar

Champions and bosses are on a fixed schedule. Nerilea has created a sheet which tracks them, you can find that here.