Contackt: Spacefarer

Don’t Panic

This review only covers the new content found on the paid side of the reward track – given the stuff on the free side is, well, free there’s no reason not to aim for it.


Hey look it’s another not high tier meal blueprint :P. It’s now possible to reach the +1% global surcharge bonus in the Meal line now thanks to this if you have all other meal blueprints (except the one from the current mega pack, or you can use that to replace this/another.)

Nothing else worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

The P.E.T. Portable lacks any milestone/ascension for reducing the jewel cost, making this run a bit on the higher end for tier 9 premium prints.

It also requires 2 different components from Haunted Castle which works for and against it – it’s great in that it means if all your teams can run haunted you don’t need to drop down to get more components but it’s bad in that if you can’t do that it’s going to be annoying to create/fit in your rotation.

From a meta perspective

Metawise the P.E.T. Portable fares better with it offering a good chunk of survivability for your levelling rogues. Use it instead of the Ursa Totem unless you’re sure your hero isn’t going to go splat on a stray boss hit.

From a crafting perspective

The Plasma Saber is likely to be one of the best metal blueprints we see this entire tier. That’s because its 4th mastery milestone completely removes the essence cost making it only require Iron/Jewels which is pretty damned cool and it still also kept a jewel cost reduction milestone as well.

Basically this is worth buying the pass for if you’re able to craft Tier 13 or will be able to soon.

From a meta perspective

Plasma Saber why do you spell it like that and not sabre like proper English dictates is the new best sword and by a decent margin as well. With its Light affinity this is a straight upgrade for Lords and gives health which tends to be more valuable to them than defence. It’ll also be the best option for Warlord Conquistadors, Sensei, and Spellblades/Spellknights.

You could work it in potentially for the other tanks (Mercenary/Daimyo) but they tend to use the weapon slot to gain an affinity.


Or if you can’t craft Tier 13 consider buying it for this UFO:

Avatar Cosmetics


  • CosmOs Cereals helps fill out the Meal ascension track.
  • P.E.T. Portable is nice for levelling but unfun to craft.
  • Plasma Saber is the new best sword and an amazing craft to boot.

Final Score

Spacefarer Pass: 9/10.

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