Contackt: Vampire

I know a couple of vampire puns but they all suck.

This review only covers the new content found on the paid side of the reward track – given the stuff on the free side is, well, free there’s no reason not to aim for it.


An incredibly strong (for a tier 4) herbal medicine that’s great for levelling on the heroes that can wear it. We’ve also got 2 time reduction milestones to make it go faster as well.

Nothing else worth noting.

From a crafting perspective

The Blood Monarch Outfit runs on the higher end for Ether for a Tier 8 Blueprint – reducing this amount is behind the final ascension milestone. The components are on the lighter side which is nice to see compared to other leather tier 8 options.

From a meta perspective

With its dark affinity the Blood Monarch Outfit makes it a natural fit for levelling sorcerers, though it also works great for any of the classes who can use it.

Bonus: It looks cool

From a crafting perspective

The Final Death uses 2 common resources as its main crafting costs. This is good in that they’re the fastest to regenerate leaving essence as the bottleneck however that means it can be a bit awkward to fit into your crafting rotation. It’s possible to reduce the herb cost with a mastery track milestone which does help on that front, just something to be careful with.

It’s also the best weapon for Dragon Invasion at the minute, coming in at 1,440 airship power.

From a meta perspective

The Final Death is the new best dagger and by a decent margin as well (completely destroying the Serial Quiller which was released after it.) With its Dark affinity and +10% critical hit chance this is an amazing item for Crit-based Warlocks and Sensei and is not likely to be topped any time soon. Also great for the other dagger wielding classes although they tend to prefer other weapon types (so this would only really be used if you had landed dagger master on them for example.)



Paired with the flooring from the free side of the pass

Avatar Cosmetics

Uses the eyewear slot so can be worn with a hat


  • Garlic String will help keep your low levels alive and vampires at bay.
  • The Blood Monarch Outfit brings fashionable Tier 8 clothes.
  • The Final Death is the new best dagger and likely will remain so for crit-based warlocks for a long time.

Final Score

Vampire Pass: 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 /10

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I’ve gotten several things in the Caprice like that too. Unless you have deep pockets or you’re okay with just 1 piece, then I’d recommend not getting the chess pieces.

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