Contackt: Year of the Dragon

“Wood”n’t you know it? A dragon pet

This review only covers the new content found on the paid side of the reward track – given the stuff on the free side is, well, free there’s no reason not to aim for it.

Dragon Pet


Not much to note from a crafting perspective. It’s slightly better than a lot of T6 Wood items, but that’s more due to many of them requiring precrafts.

As far as meta, Evasion on a weapon is pretty rare and gives this item an interesting niche. It’s a phenomenal levelling option for many of classes that can use it since most of them are Rogues who appreciate the extra dodge chance. Even the two Fighter classes who can use it get great benefit out of it!

With all the iron / steel options lately there is no reason to craft this outside of mastery.

Dragon Skull is pinned between 2 other helms with an ATK secondary. The Titan Helm (T7) has the same ATK value with a lower DEF, and Centurion Helmet (T9) has higher ATK and slightly higher DEF. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means Dragon Skull doesn’t stand out much. As a levelling piece, it has to compete with Warlord Helmet (also a T8) whose secondary HP stat instead of Attack make it a generally better option that can last you until Gobble Lord Helm at T10.

From a crafting perspective

Dragon Sacred Gem currently boasts the highest Merchant XP of any item in the game. It also sets the record for having the highest Essence cost, a whopping 7 Essence, and their is no milestone to reduce it. If you can afford the essence this is a good option for spending Steel and Jewels in your crafting rotation, especially if you are working to boost your merchant level.

For DI, it’s an Accessory item that’s not a Spell.

From a meta perspective

This item is a fantastic option for offensively-minded Velites and Clerics. Both appreciate the Affinity (especially Velites who are pretty starved for options) and the Attack is very nice. Aside from those classes, this is a Shield with an offensive secondary stat which automatically makes it more of a niche option. Most Shield-users typically want to use their Shield slot for pure bulk and the ones who want more offensive power usually have better item options in the same slot.

Avatar Cosmetics



  • We finally have a dragon pet, now we just need that whale outfit.
  • Dragon Sacred Gem is a wonderful addition for Velites, and boasts the highest Merchant XP in the game so far.
  • It is probably best to not be dancing around with a Dragon Head on a stick when Sondra and Mundra are around.
  • If I had a nickel for every time my feet disappeared…
  • We made it through this entire post without a ‘dragon’ pun.

Final Score

Year of the Dragon Pass: 7/10

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