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Developer Q&A 2

More answers to the community’s questions

Author Note: There were some more questions that had answers but 9.0 answered them already (like new craft lines/3rd tier gold skills.) The joys of having to schedule the release time around the Avatar promo.

Welcome to the second Q&A1 where I’ve once again taken questions from the community2 and posed them to the developers. Here’s what they had to say.

The community asked:3

Do we have a timeline for a rough estimate of the fourth event? If so, could you provide it?

Kabam: It was our mistake to mention the mythical 4th event so early in development. We had to put it on the backburner for a while, but it’s back on the menu for 2022.

DarthAmarth asked:

Hello! Are there any plans to introduce more ‘species’ of sorts for heroes (and maybe players), like elves, dwarves, etc?

Kabam: New races (beyond just elven ears) with a unique morphology would be prohibitively difficult for us to implement, since every piece of armor or customization would need new models to match. Times two, because females and males need unique models already!

Rjdunlap asked:

Additional BPs to Mundra?

Kabam: Mundra will get a new blueprint alongside T12.

The community asked:

Are there any plans to change the passives of some of the least powerful Titan Souls? Like Mercenary for example. Once they reach 29, half of their passive is gone.

Kabam: While it’s been on the backburner, we’re still planning on giving a little something to Titan classes without a unique ability to make them stand out. By this, we mean classes like Archmages who only get a bonus to ATK and HP. Others like Dancers and Berserkers already have a very unique ability and are unlikely to receive special Soul treatment4.

Gumdrops asked:

Are there any surprising ways that players have engaged in game mechanics or systems that you didn’t account for while designing them?

Kabam: Would you believe “the energy system”? There’s been a lot of strategies we did not entirely anticipate when it was originally designed. Players balancing an inventory of cheap items as “small talk fodder”, kicking out customers that fail a small talk, or discounting an item for an energy boost, only to refuse the sale later on. That’s pretty cool! Don’t do that in a real shop though.

On the more negative side, there’s of course things like enchanted items on the market allowing lots of fraud, or an old abuse about moving the counter around to generate a lot of energy.

CoolJosh3k asked:

Are there changes that some of Kabam want to make, but will not happen because someone else with the authority says no?

Kabam: Not really. It’s mostly a matter of limited time and resources. The Shop Titans team consists of about 20 people, with some of them not directly working on the game itself. This includes cool folks like Richard handling web development, or Tristan as the head of customer support!

Loupdinour asked:

Are there plans to increase the ascension tree reward ceiling (currently at 35 & 51) in the near future?

Kabam: T12 would probably be a good time to stretch those out. If not alongside T12, shortly after.

The community asked:

Can we get better sorting features for the inventory? At least like the market with filters? Upgrading both would be ideal though

Kabam: It’s been asked a few times, and we’ve taken note of it. No promise as to when, though.

Ohnoto asked:

Could we get something on the upgrade screen for upgrading furniture and bins to show how many “helps” we have received? Something simple like 5 circle bubbles that fill in. The notifications chat often disappears for keeping track of those. Thanks. :)

Kabam: Brought it up with the team and it seems like a good idea.

Nfidell asked:

Ever considered a “random” option for flooring and wallpaper? Like everytime your shop loads its different things you own.

Kabam: Sounds wacky. The team likes it though, so we’ll see what we can do.

Nfidell also asked:

I used to love designing and rearranging my shop. Once I maxed out shop size its so time consuming. Will we ever see anything like preset layouts, even if they have a cooldown?

Kabam: We can definitely see a need for this. It’s been on our mind for a while. We don’t know when, but we talk about it a lot!

Paldorien asked:

I’d love to have some kind of bird pet, are there any plans for more pets?

Kabam: Of course. Keep an eye out for Momo. He’s a bird… kind of?

The community asked:

Is there a chance to get a “total stats” type page with the collection book? Total completed pages, total bps available, total missing, percent of book complete, etc.

Kabam: Sure, why not.

The community asked:5

It feels bad to introduce a friend to the game and have no means to play with them or even interact with them in a meaningful way. I can’t invite them to my guild as we would be ‘punished’ for their lack of progression. How would you address something like this?

Also, any hope for a change to guilds or chat so that its easier to recruit in game?

Kabam: We understand the struggle guilds can face when it comes to filling their seats. We have plans for some guild tweaks to better automate this process, and potentially assist in getting rookies up to speed.

  1. you can find the first one here
  2. some popular questions were merged to avoid repetition
  3. a lot, this was a popular topic
  4. Editor note: Dancers really don’t need anything trust me
  5. this was also a popular topic

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Would you consider make a top100 for every class of Heroes?

Would you mind having a Guild Dungeon, where each memeber can send 1 single hero and form a team whit the other guild members?

Would you considere a new branch of Heroes like only for support, and so on develop different combact tattics, like cleans of debuff or ressurect during the fight?

Would you consider a new worker whit “time-use” items? Like a Chef whit consummable, for 1 day you fain extra 5%atk on a single hero?

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