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Developer Q&A 3

Even more answers to the community’s questions

Welcome to the third Q&A where I’ve once again taken questions from the community and posed them to the developers. Here’s what they had to say.

Nfidell asked:

Can’t get enough Dragonmarks! Can we add them all over? Chests, piggies, other event rewards, content pass, daily deals?

Kabam: Dragonmarks are currently exclusive to their event, and there are no plans to change that. This exclusivity tends to fade over time, though. Antique Tokens have shown up in a few other places other than the King’s Caprice.

PAIN asked:

Think about bringing content pass more often?

Kabam: There’s been a bit of a lull recently. They require a lot of work from our artists, but we love the Content Passes and we do as many as we can!

Shatari asked:

Could you please balance the Tower of Titans around hero level instead of shopkeeper level?

I’m on the verge of not being able to get Titans Souls ever again, and the solution of “stop playing the fun part of the game” leaves a bad taste in my mouth, since I’m a Royal Merchant.

Kabam: We’ve been looking into allowing players to select their own Tower. No timeline on this however.

Jesse asked:

When will we see new classes and if so is there an offensive light hero incoming?

Kabam: It’s been a while, hasn’t it? When and if we make some more, we’ll make sure to take the missing elements into account.

Rapahel asked:

What will be the nature of the barriers of the next quest area? Will it be launched soon?

Kabam: Quests typically have 3 different element barriers, one for each component. Last I checked, it seemed to be a pretty dark place so Light might be a safe bet! No promises though.

ArchonMal asked:

When Ashley buys several pairs of Gauntlets for Champion Requests, what does she do with the lefthanded ones?

Kabam: They’re left behind 🥁

Rakuen asked:

I noticed that the luxurious projects of the LoCG event are being repurposed in an opulent version: will it also happen for the opulent, repurposed in luxurious form?

Will there be both luxurious and opulent avatar clothing and accessories? Will we finally have shelf and counter skins as luxurious as they are opulent?

Kabam: An LCoG counter sounds nice! Though furniture skins are quite expensive to make because it requires 3 different models (one for each tier).

DarthAmartth asked:

Is there a plan to upgrade some outdated Titan souls like Archmage? Mercenary early this year was really good, so I’m excited if mages could potentially get the same treatment!

Kabam: We’d like for every class to have something unique to them. Archmage is definitely deserving of one.

Mcah Guy asked:

Pets – more, less, new or other use?

Kabam: Definitely more pets coming!

Ghostenx asked:

I really want to ascend my familiar line further. When are you going to release more familiars? Will they be dependant on copying future dungeon monsters or be seperate from that?

Kabam: Familiars will not be featured in packs, so they’re exclusively alternate versions of quest monsters. That being said, as we are writing this, we’re rebalancing the Familiar ascension milestone to make it easier to max out with current content.

Ghostenx also asked:

I seem to recall reading something along the lines that T12 would be the final tier, is that true or can we expect T13+ in the future, regardless of how long it’ll take?

Kabam: T12 was indeed the initial scope! But players love Shop Titans, so we’re glad to be able continue supporting it for years! (decades?)(centuries!?)

{IMP}The~Ark asked:

Hello everyone. Why don’t you add an icon in the market for the missing items in the collections book? Or can be a special search for only missing items?

Kabam: It’s possible to search missing collection items from the book itself. Is this suitable for your purpose?

{IMP}The~Ark also asked:

Why don’t you make an event called Pizza? Italy flag for walls, Chef dress for the merchants, a Shield Pizza Shaped, a Knife like a Pizza Wheel Cutter, and a Lance like a Pizza Shovel?

Maybe with the a new worker like Cooking 🤣. Yes i’m a italian cook if you are asking that to yourself.

Kabam: I can confirm at least one of these things is happening. Soon, too.

SîяDêяp asked:

Will there be an enlargement of the garden at some point? The outdoor decoration is becoming more and more but there is no space for it.

Kabam: While an expansion the current play area is unlikely (performance reasons), we do wish to give a little extra freedom to yard enjoyers eventually.

SîяDêяp also asked:

Will there be store or basement layouts at some point? So that you could, for example, create a layout with all racks and a layout with all resource containers to be able to switch more quickly from max energy to max resources.

Kabam: Saving shop layouts is something we’ve already talked about in the past, I believe. We still dearly want it!

Nerilea asked:

What are the odds of hitting the jackpot (and other combinations) in the fortune zone?

Kabam: 1% for the jackpot! Good luck!

And finally, Nerilea also asked:

Since you added familiars as equip-able gear for champions, do you have plans to add any other champion specific gear?

Kabam: Nothing concrete but people enjoyed giving their Champions special equipment, so we’ve taken note of that!

5 replies on “Developer Q&A 3”

I wonder if there were some questions left unanswered since I can’t find my question (being about plans on a API) here. Or maybe there was a technical issue so the question was not saved…

They don’t answer every question – bear in mind that the list of questions asked is in the hundreds. With regards to API they have stated in the past there were no plans for it due to the cost/resources required to maintain it.

tbh, more than disappointed, I wonder how many players care about these questions, too many questions are unanswered, as always.

I would rather see they take care of this guild problems, People come leave jump all building upp down and so on. They should done that you can join new guild for a week our atleast if you leave first week 30% of you invenst second week 20% third 10% fourth 0% so atleast some guild have change too move forward without this problems

I’m not really satisfied to be honest, so many questions left unanswered, but Ashley joke and obvious questions (will they add more pets – duh) made it lol

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