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A couple of weeks ago the opportunity to ask the developers questions about Shop Titans arose (see here.) I gathered up the suggestions people gave1, put it in Kabam Tulip’s favourite format2 and posed them to him. Here’s what the developers had to say.

The community asked:

With Tower of Titans, King’s Caprice, Lost City of Gold, and The Full Moon Event, can we expect to see any new events in the roadmap?

Kabam: We are currently in the planning phase for a 4th major event. As the other 3 events (LCOG, ToT and TKC) are very intensive in terms of activity, this one should require less frequent player input in order to succeed.

The community asked:

Could there be an additional mode to Tower of Titans where end-game players could have a limitless tower to compete for highest floor? Without additional rewards.

Kabam: Definitely something we would like to explore in the future, but it won’t happen in the short term.

Reiga asked:

Are new hero classes in the works or will we see more expansion of the promoted ones?

Kabam: No plans for new classes as of now. We’ll be giving some love to the various Titan classes first, particularly those that don’t have anything unique going for them.

Midna asked:

Are there any plans for a transmog system? There are so many cool armor sets I‘d love to use to customize my heroes with but for gameplay reasons I always end up using the same few items.

Kabam: Players have been asking for this for a long time. So has the team. Expect it sooner rather than later.

Arkonos asked:

Are there plans for any rewards, cosmetic or otherwise, to denote Event performance or high placement?

Kabam: We would love to put more emphasis on top-performing guilds during events, and allow them the bragging rights they deserve. Nothing concrete yet, though.

Arkonos also asked:

Are there plans to add cosmetics from all the workers, such as Grimar’s Beard?

Kabam: Yes. Tamas has a nice beard, too.
This answer was provided before this year’s April Fool’s event

Snype asked:

Collectors Log, was one of the first things I suggested ever in a support ticket, just a way for a player to track how many items they’ve crafted, different qualities, maybe individual blueprints, etc anything that can be tracked basically, can also showcase if you’ve crafted an item in legendary quality and make it something for people to aim for, a legendary of each blueprint without having to hold them in your inventory.3

Kabam: I’m a big fan of collecting, too. Stick around, I think you’ll like what we’re cooking.

Chokolina asked:

For each guild there is a “Bounty” ranking. But this number is not shown in the individual player stats window. Is there a special reason for this? Could it be implemented?

Kabam: We have exactly that coming up in a future update.

Donathan asked:

Have they considered adding an option for creating groups of heroes(and champions)? This would be really nice for stuff like LCOG and higher level dungeons.

Kabam: Considered, yes. No plans currently. Implementation would be fairly awkward due to several factors, such as dungeons requiring different party sizes, and parties sometimes being broken up (extra resting time due to Heroes biting the dust, for example).

Brunwulf asked:

Is Tamas really actually Frodo?

Kabam: No, but Tamas really is a member of the Shop Titans team. The leather worker’s design is based on him. Leather Tamas doesn’t exactly behave like True Tamas does, but both are loveable, absolute weirdos. The spirit of the True Tamas simply can’t be captured in something as simple as an NPC.

Mikaella asked:

(Do) they intend to open more expansions of the store so that we can perhaps build a second floor, with a stairway, a lounge or something like that, I know that the game is set in a medieval era basically, but encompasses many different eras.

Kabam: I don’t expect the shop to get significantly bigger than it is currently, as we have hardware and compatibility challenges to keep in mind. That being said, we are always looking into allowing players to customize their current space further than is currently allowed.

So there we have it – some exciting things are in the pipeline for Shop Titans that we can all look forward to ^_^.

Speaking of which:


  1. some very popular questions were merged to avoid repetition
  2. google sheets
  3. here’s a guy who needs to learn how to keep things short

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