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Here be dragons

Updated: 3rd April 2023. There have been few changes since I created this (event was lowered to 5 days and hero rest is now 4 hours instead of 24.) Mechanically still the same with regards to point/gear donation/airship calculation, just less intense.


Dragon Invasion is a 5 day long event which starts on the Thursday following Tower of Titans.

Video Guide

Both the text and the video guide cover the same topics, pick your preference.

Click this for the video guide.

Text Guide

Each day is split into 2 phases – a supply phase and an assault phase.

Supply Phase

The supply phase is where the main bulk of the event takes place. It begins each day at the event reset time (this is currently 3pm UTC+0 as of update 10.0) and runs for 20 hours. During these 20 hours you will able to prepare an airship party (that consists of your heroes) and supply the kingdom’s soldiers with equipment to fend off the invading dragons.

You can assign up to 5 heroes (or 4 heroes and a champion) to the airship crew. Each hero/champion has a special airship power rating which determines how much damage they’ll contribute which is based on their Power rating (the number next to the star on their stat sheets.)

A hero assigned to the airship is unavailable for questing (cause they don’t exist in 2 places at once etc.) You can change your mind/withdraw them from the ship up until the moment the supply phase ends.

You can also use boosters to increase the damage your heroes do (the dragons don’t have any components/award xp/etc so instead each booster acts as a power amplifier.)

The Wyrmbane Cannonballs are unique to Dragon Invasion and provide the strongest boost. They can only be obtained from the Dragon Vault store which is open during the event.

Along with sending your heroes you can also supply the kingdom with equipment to gear up their soldiers:

There are 10 soldiers for you to gear up during each supply phase. They can be equipped with:

  • A weapon
  • A piece of body armour (so heavy armour/light armour/clothes)
  • A miscellaneous piece of armour (anything from the armour category that doesn’t fall into the above)
  • An accessory (except familiars.)

Higher tier items give more points than lower tier ones and the same is true for quality. Enchanted items also give more points as you can see in the pictures below:

The king of course does not expect you to supply his troops for free (or maybe he did but Sia convinced him otherwise) and will give you gold equal to the value of the item you provide.

As you can see from the above image he’d pay me 1,700,000 gold for a Thorium Hammer (which is its base value for me as I have the x1.25 value milestone for that blueprint.)

Once you’ve supplied your items/assigned your heroes your part is done for that supply phase (it’s not necessary to send heroes/supply all 40 items, you can pick whatever works for you.)

Assault Phase

After the supply phase ends the assault phase begins. During this time you’ll be able to see the airship flying around the dragons and doing damage to them:

As the phase goes on you’ll see the dragon’s health bar deplete and when it hits zero a new dragon will fly out. Each point of damage dealt will advance the reward track (I’ll cover the event rewards in a moment.)

You can begin supplying the king’s soldiers for the next phase immediately as this phase begins – an assault phase is 4 hours long so between that and then the 20 hours you’ll get for the supply phase you get 24 hours to prepare equipment for the event (Dragon Invasion is intentionally designed to be much less intense than the other events, allowing you to participate without having to be checking it every X hours/doing stuff you’re not too interested in.)

Although you can start supplying the soldiers early it’s not possible to prepare your airship crew until the assault phase ends. Any hero you did send will return with a fairly long (4 hours) rest time so maybe don’t send your favourites or understand they’ll be out of action for a little while.

Once the assault phase ends the next supply phase begins and it just alternates from there – 20 hours supply, 4 hours assault, 20 hours supply etc until the event ends.

Dragon marks

Found as a reward on the Dragon Invasion reward track Dragon marks allow you to upgrade your furniture past level 15, upgrade the Dragon’s Hoard and can be used to rush furniture upgrades similar to how gems do.

Each upgrade past level 15 requires dragon marks along with whatever currency you’re using (so even if you use gems for example you still need dragon marks.) It does not increase the size of any of the furniture but in the case of racks it really increases their energy, for resource bins it improves your regeneration rate and for the Counter it gives you a % bonus to your total energy.

The Dragon’s Hoard

Rewarded for reaching the 10th milestone on the event track the Dragon’s Hoard is a unique (you can only have 1 of them) super-resource bin: it starts off being able to hold all 4 types of common resources and can be upgraded to also hold uncommon and rare resources.

The amount of resources it can hold is affected by the guild perks which increase resource storage capacity.


  1. If you know you’re going to be online for a while during the supply phase don’t immediately assign heroes to the airship (as assigned heroes can’t be used elsewhere.) Instead you can quest with them, rest them up etc and assign once you know you’ll be offline when the next assault phase starts.
  2. Be a bit cautious when it comes to using enchants on items – whilst yes it will provide an item power increase you’re not getting surcharge value for these items so you may be tossing away a lot of gold. Don’t want to end up doing the event and coming out at like negative 1G do you? :P
  3. Whilst the blueprints from the seasonal packs tend to be the best ones in terms of highest power there are some fairly valuable baseline/chest blueprints that are worth using too (such as Shroud of the Lost.)

Event Milestones/Reward Track

This was changed in update 11 – new numbers listed below.

Tl;dr Dragon Invasion

Click for tl;dr image

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It’s a glitch. If you reload the game it will show the proper count. If you donate 11 items, it won’t take them anyway.

Are the Dragon Invasion item values for the gear going to remain the same? Or will they change from month-to-month?

I am looking for the Dragon Hoard on how many dragon marks you need to increase per level so I can decide if it is worth placing?

It’s ALWAYS worth having active, without any possibilty for a supportable argument to the contrary, as it gives absolutely massive boosts that put its gains far beyond what any other resource bin or item rack can offer.

First off, there’s a huge resource boost for initially placing the hoard or for unlocking uncommon or rare resources (which occurs at tiers 6 and 11, respectively). Just for activating the bin, you get total common resources roughly equal to that of a tier 10 common resource bin.

At tier 6, you get uncommon resources equal exactly to a tier 12 uncommon resource bin. Add in the presumed total you’ll get from the rare resource unlock at 11, and you’re probably looking at at total resources equivalent to at least two tier 15 bins just from the gains from those three tier levels alone.

But additionally, you get way more resources for all the other upgrade levels on the Dragon’s Hoard, compared to what a standard bin would grant. For example, 6->7 on the dragon hoard gives you 16 [4*4] common resources AND 8 [4*2] uncommon resources. Meanwhile, a 6->7 common bin would only give you 12 resources, and a 6->7 uncommon bin would only give you 6 resources.

To put that more clearly, each normal level of Dragon’s Hoard gives you about 1 and 1/3rd a bin of resources, multiplied by the number of rarities you have unlocked for it. Thus, once you get to tier 11, each following upgrade would be giving you 4 bins worth of upgrades per upgrade.

Thus, totalling the resources gained from the three special tier levels with the resources gained from the normal tier levels, we can see that the Dragon’s Hoard is worth a whopping SIX standard resource bins (give or take a relatively negligible amount).

As far as your precise question goes, the spreadsheet unfortunately doesn’t seem to have been updated with the Dragon’s Hoard, that I can see, and I don’t forget the exact numbers per tier now. But I can tell you that it took me only 185 dragonmarks in total to upgrade to tier 6, with the dragonmark cost for 1->2 starting at only 10 dragonmarks.

If you also got those 100 dragonmarks that came in the game’s mail a bit ago, then you’d only need to get the 10, 20, 30, and 40 dragonmark unlocks from the event’s reward track to be able to similarly upgrade to tier 6. Thus, as long as your reward track total is over 420k, then you’ll have enough to get up to the point of unlocking uncommon resources for the dragon’s hoard.

Oops, as I was calculating that I forgot the resource gains per normal tier weren’t retroactive. Presumably worth less than aforementioned six bins, considering that. Despite that miscalculation, it’ll still be worth a fair number of bins (4~5?) nonetheless, so the overall point of its overwhelming relative value still holds.

How much damage does the airship do to the dragon on its own?

For supposedly being a less intense event, it still requires quite a bit if you hope to complete it…

You’re not alone in that perspective. Everyone I’ve spoken to in the game thus far, including everyone in my guild, agrees that it’s far, far more intensive than any of the other events.. :/

The airship shouldn’t do any damage on its own, with its damage being calculated fully off your heroes, boosters, and items sold to troops (Who apparently can’t do damage on their own, but can do damage just by wearing a cap or slippers. Go figure :P)

If you defeat the level 25 dragon early do you still send troops and equipment out for the next wave?

If, in the final waves, it is clear that’s not possible to reach the next milestone, its there any gain in investing resources and heroes in these waves? Or is better to ignore the rest of the event?

If you don’t think you’ll reach the next milestone it’s best to stop there – you won’t gain anything for partial input so it’d be a waste of items/hero time.

Just curious, the event just started and 2950 damage is already applied on dragons (visible in the reward tab). The same thing happened last month. How is that possible ?

I am waiting for the answer too. Our leader have unlocked like 9th reward already, we (as guild members) see it too, but we have i.e. 0/4000 (.
Is this some kind of bug?

They adjusted the timings in the latest update so the event is shorter overall and you get more supply phase time. I’ll add a note explaining what changed but mechanically the event is the same – supply troops with items, send heroes to kill dragons etc

does anyone know how many dragon marks are required to do the upgrades for bins/weapon racks/counter etc, for levels 16 to 20? Thanks in advance.

I know giving items gives gold at base value. Does this also give XP as if I sold it in the shop, or does giving items to the airship cause me to miss out on the XP?

Yes, it gives exp as if you sold in shops, bjt i think enchanted items actually sell for their enchanted price, not the base

at Max Level,
Argon 40% Attack bonus and 40% defense bonus for Party

Ashley 25% Attack bonus and 25% defense bonus for Party,
importantly Bonuses are doubled against bosses

unlike Troop equipment that seems fixed once issued you can swap Champions/Heroes for the 5th slot and see what gives you the best anti-dragon –

On the google spreadsheet for item power, there are blue highlighted items that show “Airship Power Upgrade Unlocked”, What does this mean?

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