Easter Collection (2021)

A Blog post regarding everything that is included with the Easter collection.

The collection started on 23rd of March 00:00 (UTC+0) and will end on the 4th April 00:00 (UTC+0)

“But Snype, what is a collection?”
Well!, Glad you asked.

Collections are released every now and again during certain events such as Easter, Halloween, Lunar New Year and more!
Along with them comes fun stuff for us to purchase such as Decorations, Avatar Items and Flooring/Wallpapers. 1
Some of the items cost gold and some cost gems. (Majority cost gems usually)

Wallpaper and Flooring

Visual Representation in Shop


Visual Representation in Shop

Thanks to Rose for providing the visual representation pictures.

Easter Galore Mega/Superior

This is a link to the Impackt that Reiga did regarding the mega pack and superior offer that came out alongside the collection.

  1. Not all collections have all of those in them, for example this Easter collection doesn’t have any Avatar Items available.

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Okay, I love this article. And it has been very helpful seeing the entire set like this. I saw it in game and thought to pass, but seeing it all together makes me consider getting the pieces. Even the wallpaper and floor, which I wasn’t too keen on.

Thank you!

Perhaps the seasonal screenshots could include the packs that come out. And perhaps the packs review could put the items together like this review/display could?

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to see you enjoyed the article.

I’m not entirely clear on what your suggestions entail though, if you have discord and wouldn’t mind explaining it to me I’d be down to look into it. my discord is SnypeX24#7998

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