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Event Changes

New updates to the mini-events

As you probably noticed with the trifecta event Shop Titans now supports having multiple modifier events run simultaneously. Some of the less thrilling events will now be combined with others – going forwards these are the events that can run when it’s an event day:

  • Merchant XP and Hero XP
  • Fast Crafts, Quests and Rest
  • Customer Frenzy and Energy Bonus
  • Resource Fest and Loot Frenzy
  • Haggle
  • Better Deals
  • Top Quality
  • Multicraft

There is also a slight adjustment to the event schedule as well – there is a day when no events will be running:

  • King’s Caprice – 7 Days
  • Passive Event – 1 Day
  • Tower of Titans – 4 Days
  • Passive Event – 2 Days
  • Dragon Invasion – 5 Days
  • Passive Event – 1 Day
  • No Event – 1 Day
  • Passive Event – 1 Day
  • Lost City of Gold – 4 Days
  • Passive Event – 1 Day
  • Passive Event – 1 Day

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Well, there is now room in the event rotation for a fifth event that takes up to 4 days to be squeezed in, if that’s something they’re considering adding. That would leave room for a 1 day break between each event.

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