Events currently fall into the following three categories. Please proceed to their respective pages for further details!

General Events

Events with seemingly random occurrences that do not fit into the other categories that affect specific game mechanics. .

When there’s a full moon in the real world (I know right there’s life outside of ST) players gain access to the Full Moon fusion recipes – more details can be found in the fusion section of the merchant academia.

Guild Events

Events revolving around participation as a guild, to collectively obtain a milestone or reward!

Lost City of Gold

Plunder the ruins of an ancient civilization for gold bars which can be traded to a despot king for rewards whilst destroying anything of remotely archaeological value.

The King’s Caprice

Forge thousands of weapons and suits of armour with your fellow guild members to keep the despot’s royal guard equipped to handle any rebellion.

Dragon Invasion

Defend the city against a hoard of dragons who have come to deliver retribution for your plundering crimes.

Solo Events

Events designed to be completed by the player themselves.

Tower of Titans

Ascend a tower of ever increasing difficulty to gather fame, fortune and a Titan Soul, allowing you to turn a hero into a demigod.