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Regrettably, the time has come for me to leave Shop Titans.

My desire to login has been fleeting for a few weeks now, and I fully intended on taking a break for a bit to recharge my batteries and rebuild the itch to jump back into ST. T10 was just around the corner, and long awaited new content has kept our appetites ready and waiting. Then the patch notes for 4.3 dropped…

Every soul crushing bullet point in the patch notes beat my already weak motivation to login over the head with a mallet.

Now I am not saying 4.3 is the reason I don’t want to play anymore, but it really didn’t help. The real truth of the matter is I am just bored, and that is OK. It is healthy to ebb and flow with your hobbies, and as soon as a game feels like a chore, you should stop playing that game.

Now, at the risk of sounding like a rant –

These 4.3 nerfs are bonkers. They are directly focused on builds and designs many of us were having an absolute blast enacting, with a nice sprinkling of direct nerf to my favorite skill and class, Safekept Receipt and Spellblade, respectively.

I foolishly spent lots of money to make some of these builds, cause it was where I was finding all my current enjoyment from the game. I understand its irrational to say this, but my money feels “wasted”, and the result of the funds and time is now a shell of what it once was.

I honestly do not understand the ‘why’ here. Why nerf in a non-competitive PVE exclusive game? We were all having DAILY fun debates about new build ideas and tweaks to improve things. These builds were brokenly powerful because we took the time to find and design them, and it is the most fun I have ever had during my time playing Shop Titans.

The absolutely pinpointed selection of what to nerf is almost eerie. Everything hit with the nerf bat is pretty much everything I have personally raved about for weeks/months. I am not claiming to be the reason for these nerfs, but it sure as hell makes me want to not publish fun ideas anymore.

End rant.

I love this game, and it has provided me with uncountable hours worth of entertainment. I sincerely hope every player continues to enjoy the game and everything it has to offer! This community is incredible, and I do not plan on leaving it entirely.

That said, will see its final days soon. It has been an incredible labor of love project of mine for the last 6 months, but I simply will not have the gumption to maintain it going forward for the time being. However, if and when I do decide to return to ST, you can bet I will re-ignite ST Central as well!

Also, I obviously cannot prevent it, but I will humbly request that no one rebrand/reuse/reissue any of my content directly. Although I would encourage anyone to create their own creations/designs/themes, leveraging any existing valid information I have provided ever.

I will remain on the Discords, because you all are awesome and there is no reason to leave a community just cause you don’t play the game. Plus I basically spend the whole day on a computer for work anyway, and like the distraction!

Thank you everyone, and goodbye for now.

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