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Fire & Air Mega Pack Giveaway

I know right it hasn’t even been reviewed yet

Disclaimer: special thanks to Gyatso, Kabam De and the rest of the team for sponsoring this giveaway.


To celebrate the Avatar: The Last Airbender (A:TLA) x Shop Titans event I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win the upcoming Fire & Air Mega Pack.

To enter the giveaway answer the following question:

The above image is from the mega pack. In A:TLA who does it belong to?

Fill in the form below with your player name/# number and your answer. The contest will run until November 2nd 00:00 UTC+01 at which point a winner will be chosen at random from all of the correct entries.

Please ensure your name and number are correct – there have been players in the past who have missed out on a prize because they couldn’t be found with the details they provided.

Good luck!

And if you like giveaways check out the one being ran by the facebook fan page here.

Correct Answer: Whilst the intended answer was Gyatso (due to the item’s name/description) I’m aware it looks way more like Aang’s so I accepted either as an answer.

Winner: Kia#24893

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