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Kabam dropped a video out of the blue about their current plans for Shop Titans:


Hello Shopkeepers, we’ve been a bit silent since the beginning of the new year, so it’s time we let you know about what’s coming in Shop Titans.

The team has started a very big task and is currently updating our game engine to a more recent version of unity. This will unfortunately slow down our capacity of creating new gameplay features in the short term, as we have to ensure the stability of the game.

This process is required for us to support this game for many years to come, as it allow us to update stuff like our customer support tool and respect the new guidelines provided by the platforms such as iOs 14 privacy requirements. We expect this process to be done sometime this spring, which means that the next few updates will focus on content and events.

Speaking of which, we are kicking off the lunar new year celebration next week with the 6.2 update which will also feature a new pet type. Further down the road the March update will bring a new Champion to our kingdom, and in April we will be releasing Tier 11.

We have very cool features planned for later this spring and our upcoming 2 year anniversary so stay tuned for all the details.

In related news: stay tuned to this site tomorrow and our discord as we will have something to reveal (reveal is at 6pm UTC+0.) A link to our discord can be found on the home page.

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