Giveaway: Dragon Marks

Wanna get a jumpstart on upgrading? Check in here!

Disclaimer: Thank you to Kabam De and the team for providing the prizes for these giveaways.

This giveaway has finished.

I know right another giveaway so soon, it’s my fourth one in recent months! This time the prize up for grabs is 100 dragon marks.

“The heck is a dragon mark Rei?”

They’re a currency that you can obtain from the upcoming event (Dragon Invasion.)

  • It can be used to upgrade furniture beyond level 15.
  • It can be used to upgrade the Dragon’s Hoard (an ultra bin that can hold all the resources.)
  • It can be used to rush furniture upgrade times, similar to gems.

To enter, answer the following question:

How many dragons are in the below picture?

Enter your answer below along with your player name and # number (so for example, June#18019.) A winner will be chosen at random from the players who answer correctly.


This giveaway will run until June 27th 00:00 UTC+0 (this is when the piggy bank resets.) One entry per player only – multiple entries will result in disqualification.

Good luck!

Giveaway FAQ
“I entered the giveaway twice by accident!”
-So long as your answer hasn’t changed it’s fine I just disregard the duplicates.

“I’m not sure you got my entry”
-Drop a message on the STC discord or dm me with your name and I can check.

On a giveaway related note Kabam are currently doing a giveaway where you can win a premium worker of your choice – you can find it on their facebook page (and whilst there why not leave a review, let them know what you think about the new update and stuff) here.

Yes I did already mention it on discord but it’s kind of a big deal, worker giveaways are incredibly rare so I’m making as many people aware as I can.

Answer: 4 dragons
Winner: -JM-#54628

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