Guild Perks

Explanation of what the different guild perks do. And other guild related stuff.

Guild Based

Guild level

The guild level perk controls the level of your guild which in turn controls what access you have to perks.

Guild’s Choice Cooldown

Lowering the cooldown on Guild’s Choice is incredibly useful as your guild develops as it speeds up the rate you can do targeted investing. It is not as important as other perks but it is nice to have.

Bounty Board Capacity

Increasing the amount of bounties your guild can have at any one time is great to help ensure your members have a variety of options available so they’re not forced into doing unfavourable bounties to contribute.

Resource Package Stack

The resource package stack perk increases the amount of times your guild members can renew guild coins for resources per day, there are only 3 levels and the max bonus is +3

Furniture Based

Item Racks

Each of the rack perks does the same thing – increasing the amount of energy gained from its respective type. With energy being one of the most important things in Shop Titans these should be considered a priority. You may wish to coordinate with your guild to decide which furniture type you buff first.

Resource Bins

Unlike the rack perks the resource bin perks are not equal – the uncommon and rare bin perks do a much smaller increase. These perks are valuable in guilds where members are not super active as it allows them to log in and set up an entire craft queue.


Increasing the amount of components/storage trunks give can potentially allow members to replace some of their trunks with other furniture. If not, don’t rush to get these.


Resource Boost

Out of the four guild boosts the resource boost is king. At max rank this perk will give you a 50% increase to your resource regeneration rates which is amazing, especially for rare resources.

Quest Boost

The quest boost allows for your members heroes to quest and heal faster, meaning they can be out gathering components/experience at a much higher rate. This boost is very useful during events like the Lost City of Gold.

Crafting Boost

The crafting boost provides a reduction to the crafting times of items. This boost becomes more powerful as your guild accesses the later tier of items, and going into tier 10 it is a great thing to keep running.

Experience Boost

The experience boost increases the experienced earned for heroes, workers and merchant level. Whilst it is nice to have running this shouldn’t be a priority pick over the others.

Trade Perks

The trade perks give bonuses to the amount your guild members can offer and request items for on the market. The bonuses range from the first level which is +3 capacity to the final level which is +30 capacity, the level requirements and renown required for these perks are steep, and not really recommended unless your guild has a lot of market oriented players.

Permanent Regen Boosts

The new resource regeneration perks are basically permenant boosts to your guilds resource regeneration rates, the boosts range from +2% at the first level all the way up to +20% at the final level, the level requirements are steep as you progress up the perk levels and the renown costs also get hefty, but the bonus these perks give is extremely beneficial

Boosts vs Perks

As you level your guild one of the choices you will need to make is to whether you should spend all your renown on buying new perks or if some should be saved aside for boosts.

When making this decision you should factor in your member activity levels – players who only log in once or twice a day will not get as much benefit from boosts as they would from perks. If you decide to go with just focusing on one or two boosts aim for the resource boost first and try to run quest boost during LCoG and ToT.

Perk Costs

You can find the cost for upgrading guild perks on the official sheet here under the Guild Perks tab.

Renown Levels

As of Update 6.1 Kabam implemented more Renown Levels for guilds for each level past 17 Town Hall up to a maximum of level 20. This means that for guilds with a maxed out Town Hall they can receive up to an extra 350 Renown per week compared to previously.