Handling the passes

A guide to how Content Passes work in Shop Titans

If you’re familiar with Battle Passes in other games, Content Passes in Shop Titans work in a very similar manner (just, not called a battle pass cause there ain’t much battling.)


A Content Pass is a special event that tends to happen every few months (there’s no fixed schedule to these). During a pass players will be given a series of tasks to accomplish – completing these tasks will grant you points towards the Content Pass event, unlocking exclusive rewards and other useful stuff (like ascension shards.)

Content Pass Tasks

When a Content Pass is active there’ll be a small symbol in the top-left corner of your display similar to other event ones. Tapping on that will bring up the event task screen.

The event task screen

Each Content Pass will have tasks for you to complete. Underneath the picture in each task is a description of what it wants you to do (so using the above screenshot you can see it wants me to craft spears, sell amulets etc) and has a progress bar indicating how close you are to completing that stage of the task (the dot in the top left corner tracks what stage you’re currently on.) Upon completing that stage you’ll gain currency towards the event rewards (the amount indicated at the bottom of each task.)

Let’s take a look at a task in more detail:

In this example you can see the task wants us to craft items that use Fabric. It doesn’t matter what that item is (so it can be an enchant, a chest blueprint, premium item whatever) so long as it involves using Fabric.

The first milestone asks for us to spend 200 Fabric. Once we do that the task will change to indicate you’ve completed that stage:

Tapping on it will give you the event currency stated. Taking a look at the same task again now we’ve completed the first stage we can see it has faded out that stage and moved us onto the second.

Notice that we’ve already got credit towards clearing the second stage as it was over the amount needed to clear the first stage, so don’t worry if you forget to claim a task reward it’ll still keep tracking your overall progress on that task.

Once you’ve completed all stages of a task it’ll fade out on the content pass screen to indicate you’ve earnt all possible currency from it:

So, let’s recap:

  • When a Content Pass begins there’ll be an event indicator in-game
  • Each Content Pass has a series of tasks for you to accomplish and will track your progress for you.
  • Each task you complete will give you event currency which advances your progress on the reward track.

Premium Tasks

Each Content Pass will have some tasks that are gold coloured – these require some form of premium activity to complete (e.g crafting premium item lines, spending gems, being Royal Merchant, etc).

Despite this, regular tasks from the content pass provide enough points to reach the final milestone with some points to spare (so you can finish a pass without needing any premium content and can still skip a couple of tasks if you’re finding them too hard/not a fan of them.)

Content Pass Rewards

The currency you earn from completing tasks will advance your progress on the reward track. Let’s take a look at one (in this example we’re using the Lunar New Year 2023 pass):

Each Content Pass has 2 reward tracks – a free one and a “Full Access” one (that’s what Kabam call it don’t blame me there.) The free one is, as the name implies, free and available to everyone. The Full Access reward track (the one that has lots of rewards) costs gems to unlock – at the time of this article the price has always been 1,500 gems.

The rewards are a mixture of new stuff (some new decorations and blueprints), old stuff (they’ll rerun some old premium blueprints, if you already own them you’ll be offered an alternative prize instead) and generally cool stuff like ascension shards, skill dice etc.