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If you are not aware, I am the designer and creator of the “Shop Titans FAQ and Guide” you may have seen floating around. I was frustrated by the lack of consolidated information on this wonderful game, and decided to take the plunge into creating something myself. I spent 3 months speaking with as many of the games top players as I could get ahold of to gain their insights. Eventually I had a compendium of notes and strategies, and a ton of personal experience with testing and utilizing the various suggestions!

Cue version 1 of the FAQ release and the response was great! Looking back that version is super amateur, but at the time is was a great end game reference manual for the most common questions asked. This release put this project on a much larger awareness level, and in poured the suggestions.

v2 released a couple weeks later to immediate fanfare. Truth be told I was not ready for the response this thing got. I changed the design and theme drastically to match the look and feel of the game itself, plus added a heaping pile of new content. It’s still the basis of every version since, and I still love the theme choices I made back then.

I’ve kept the guide updated through every patch, and will continue to do so for as long as I can, however a pattern developed in various DMs and public chats on Discord; many players questions are too involved to answer in a slide style guide!

Things like “How do you come up with the crafting suggestions?”, or “Why are these items BIS?” are hard to answer concisely for use within a reference style guide. The data has to be shown and explained to fully understand the process that goes into these recommendations. It was from this that the idea for a longer form answer was devised.

I floated the idea to some people to get their thoughts and they overall response was there is demand for these super nerdy style Shop Titans white papers.

And so, here we are – I hope people find it useful and if not, at least interesting!

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