Hero Academia

Heroes! The arguable ‘true endgame’ in Shop Titans. On this page, we will be taking a deep dive into how each hero type functions, and apply that knowledge to effectively utilizing them.

Last Updated: 21st August 2021

General Recommendations

Build rosters, not heroes!

What this means is that you should focus on acquiring a roster full of heroes that can clear all content, before you focus on making ‘perfect’ heroes, or rerolling!

The Qualified Quartet

These 4 classes can act as a good backbone for your roster. If you’re unsure what to build or just want something straightforward these are a good pick.

Honorable Mentions

The above classes all get the job done almost as well as the Qualified Quartet does, and if you happen to snag a decent skillset on any of these, they will last you well into the late game.

Hero Types

Heroes are segregated into 3 types –

  • Fighter (Red)
  • Rogue (Green)
  • Spellcaster (Blue)

For the purposes of these analytics, we will refer to each type by their colors, red/green/blue.

Red Type (RT)

The ‘tank’ type. These guys simply do not die unless the odds are stacked wildly against them! Their base HP and DEF are incredibly high, allowing them to tank even the toughest opponents. That said, with great tankiness comes a burden of effectiveness in the fight, and it becomes much more difficult for red types to contribute as more than just a meat shield.

RT – Class Breakdowns

All abilities are listed at their maximum level of potency, with any post-promotion benefits included.

Soldier / Mercenary

Innate Ability

Learn skills faster than other classes
+35% Defense

A soldier is an excellent choice if you are not able to reach Training Hall levels that allow for normal skill acquisition. Mercenaries are able to grab their full set of skills far earlier, with the 4th skill coming in at level 29! The defense boost is also a nice addition.

Barbarian / Chieftain

Innate Ability (Barbarian)

+25% Health
+50 Threat

Innate Ability (Chieftain)
+30% Health
+60 Threat
40% of total threat is added as an attack multiplier

Barbarians are very tanky with their extra health but unfortunately being only a 2 skill hero means you can’t really take advantage of this. The additional threat is a neat bonus, but in practice the 90 base threat of any red type is more than enough to protect the heroes who need protection.

Once promoted however their extra threat is also added as a multiplier to their attack stat. This allows Chieftains to have a high damage output whilst also having incredibly high health and defense, making them one of the best tank options for your roster.

Knight / Lord

Innate Ability

+60% Defense with Heavy Armor, Helmet, Gauntlets, Heavy Footwear, and Shield.

Super crazy defense values – we’re talking insane levels. This makes Knights a formidable option for your warrior slot – they can take damage like no tomorrow and are cheap to build/recruit. A solid member of any team.

Lords on the other hand are overkill. Their only merit lies in the fact that a Lord can reach laughably high star power levels, but it is entirely useless*. You would be better souling another class.

*: The high star power means they are a regular contender for the hero power leaderboard and if that’s your jam then go for it. Just know that hero power is practically meaningless when it comes to judging how great/useful a hero is.

Ranger / Warden

Innate Ability

+10% Evasion
-30% Rest Time

Rest time is multiplicative, and with that comes diminishing returns. However, a Ranger will still rest faster than other heroes, and there is definitely merit in having a team of them on quick rotation. To fully benefit from this innate, you will want more than 1, or build them to solo! They also have a good amount of inbuilt evasion, making them very durable.

Promoted, a Warden is capable of soloing any content the game has to offer right now if it has the right skills/gear.

Samurai / Daimyo

Innate Ability (Samurai)

The Samurai’s first attack is always a critical strike
+200% Critical hit damage.

Innate Ability (Daimyo)

The Daimyo’s first attack is always a critical strike
The Daimyo will always evade on the first round.
+200% Critical hit damage.

Samurai’s are a one trick pony, and while it’s a pretty cool trick they are expensive to optimize and not really rewarding. You could build a party of 4 of them and go round obliterating things, just that goal could be done in other, less expensive ways.

Promoting a Samurai gives them a slight defence upgrade in the form of guaranteeing to evade an attack made in the first round of combat. This isn’t really a game changer though it is nice for solo builds.

Berserker / Jarl

Innate Ability

+40% Attack and +10% Evasion when HP falls below 75%
Effect is doubled when below 50% HP and tripled when below 25% HP.

This built-in ability has a max potency that overtakes even the best of the best ATK and EVA skills. When a Berserkers HP is below 25%, the total benefit of this innate shoots up to +120% ATK and +30% EVA. This is a colossal benefit and you should aim to take full advantage of this.

A promoted Berserker isn’t a bad idea if you just want to have some sort of ungodly tank, but there are better options.

RT – General Strategy

Red types are mitigating most damage simply by being a red type. Adding extra health and defence is a solid plan but you should not sacrifice too much of the types damage output to do so.

If your fight has ended and you’re above 50% health for example, you might be over-mitigating the content and should think about some gear swaps to lower HP/DEF while increasing ATK/CR/CD.

RT – Skill Options

If you’re unsure as to what any of the skill icons mean you can find a picture here which displays them all.

The Damage Tank

Because of the substantial base HP/DEF stats, one of the main skill paths for Red type you can take is to lean heavily toward increasing DPS.

Warlord for any class other than Ranger, and Marksman for Ranger.

By going for skills that pump up your damage output and defence you do not need to compromise your attack stat on your Red type.

Alternative you can go for the critical tank route where you forego defence skills in favour of pure damage/crit. If you do decide to go this route I would highly recommend using a Berserker for it due to their innate skill providing them a hefty boost when they get low on hp. Here are some skills to consider:

The Slippery Tank

Another route you can consider is going evasion and defence

This is a pretty solid kit and would nearly cap EVA on some (Ranger/Berserker) heroes! Other EVA focused skills are applicable as well.

The Undying Tank

You could also embrace the Red-type’s nature and go full turtle:

This kind of tank is great for duo setups as it allows the partner to focus on pure damage, though it also works fine in groups.

The Polonia Tank

To maximize the loot you get from Polonia it is advisable to send along heroes who can tank for her whilst doing minimal damage – if the fight ends too soon you may not get your full 20 items:

By taking advantage of rest time reduction skills you can get back farming loot quicker (use gems or a stamina potion to recover Polonia.) Whilst ideally you would build this on a ranger you can use any Red type for the task.

Other skills you should keep because they are awesome –

Weapon skills are huge boosts to ATK power and can cause any hero to pack a mean punch.

Shield mastery can add a colossal amount of defence to any hero. The value of this skill will increase as more content comes out which requires higher defence values.

Acrobatics is almost just as good as Blurred Movement, and works well for the same concepts.

Safekept Receipt is great for allowing lower quality gear to have a chance to shine. These skills really benefit from items with more than one stat on them and will allow you to run harder content on a lower budget.

RT – Gearing Up

Pick gear with secondaries that boost HP preferably. Stacking Defense is generally not as effective as HP (unless you are below the 50% def breakpoint for the quest you’re doing – those breakpoints can be found here.)

Weapon choice should follow any rolled weapon skills, but if no weapon skills are rolled, choose the weapon with the secondary stat you need the most. Also note, if the Red type is able to wield guns, they will out perform any other options due to their extremely high base ATK values!

Best in slot suggestions can be found here.

Something to consider when picking gear is enchanting it with a break reduction spirit (Horse, Walrus.) When paired with a break reduction skill, this can help a lot in keeping breaks low (more so if paired with Engineer.)

Conditional Exceptions –

If you roll heavy EVA skills, you may opt to also gear toward enhancing it with Bunbun Shield

RT – Spirit Choice

Bear is likely the best choice for most situations on Red types. The extra HP helps when your skills/gear heavily lean toward damage, and the added ATK from Bear helps Red types greatest weakness.

Lizard makes the already tanky Red types tankier! If your red type is being built for duo/solo purposes or is evasion based, you should use this over Bear the majority of the time.

Dino is by and large the most useful spirit on Samurais, and Samurais alone (it enhances the one thing they can do.) You will not see much benefit from using this spirit elsewhere.

RT – Solo Potential

Red type soloing is best done with Berserkers and Wardens – their evasion stat along with the tankyness of Red classes allows them to outlast any content currently in the game (see here for a Warden sample build.)

It is possible for non-evasion builds to solo as well but it’s a lot harder to pull off due to Red type’s low damage output. As we see harder content be released this becomes even less plausible for them.

See this page for more about solo red builds.

RT – Fitting Into The Team

A single red type can make any team better.

You generally do not need more than 1 in the squad you send to whatever quest. They are fantastic heroes, but their damage output will never match the likes of the green and blue types. Your goal is to absorb the hits, while contributing as much damage as possible to assist in downing the enemy in the lowest amount of rounds possible.

Green Type (GT)

These classes rely on either evasion or crit to get the job done. Many of the innate abilities enhance these traits and when equipped well green types will decimate their opponents! Their greatest weakness though lies in the fact that Evasion caps at 75%, and these heroes are not known for their ability to take hits. The fight can be lost if the enemy takes a swing at them and they fail to dodge.

GT – Class Breakdowns

All abilities are listed at their maximum level of potency, with any post-promotion benefits included.

Thief / Trickster

Innate Ability (Thief)
+30 Health
+100% Attack with Dagger

Innate Ability (Trickster)
+60 Health
+100% Attack with Dagger, Bow, and Crossbow
+3% to Polonia’s steal chance and +2 max items stolen

Thief’s get a nice bonus upon promotion – a built in weapon skill! This will combo with other weapon skills to produce excellent results and potency. The added health is nice as well, given that green types usually have issues bringing that stat up to par.

As of 6.4 they now also increase the loot you obtain with Polonia. This ability stacks so you can steal an extra 6 items if you run 3 of them in a 4 man dungeon, and an extra 8 items in LCoG as you can run 4 of them.

Monk / Grandmaster

Innate Ability (Monk)
+100% with Rings
+200% Critical Damage

Innate Ability (Grandmaster)
+100% with Rings
+200% Critical Damage
May learn a very powerful exclusive skill

Monk’s receive heavy boosts to their Ring slots, and the added CD is excellent! These guys are sadly without a weapon slot, which is where a large portion of ATK value can come from when combined with a weapon skill.

When promoted a Grandmaster can obtain the Destructive Strikes skill, which gives them an extra 100% Attack and 150% Critical Damage.

Musketeer / Conquistador

Innate Ability (Musketeer)

+20% Critical Hit Chance
+100% Critical Damage

Innate Ability (Conquistador)

+20% Critical Hit Chance
+100% Critical Damage
+25% more critical hit damage per consecutive critical hits. Stacks 4 times

Boosts to CR are always commendable, and always improve hero potential. Having a boosted CR built in, as well as increase CD to go with it, is a fantastic innate starting point! Musketeer’s biggest weakness is that the later green type classes simply overshadow their potential.

Promoted, you are rewarded for building your Conquistador around their innate. This opens up some build flexibility as you can look at some critical hit chance options and not be super concerned if you lack critical hit damage.

The multiplier adds another .25 to your critical hit damage stat, so if you had a baseline critical hit damage stat of x3, at max stacks your critical damage stat would be x4. All stacks are lost should you fail to crit.

Wanderer / Pathfinder

Innate Ability (Wanderer)

+20% Evasion

Innate Ability (Pathfinder)

+20% Evasion
+3% to Max Evasion

Wanderers have an incredibly easy time reaching the evasion cap due to their innate. Whilst this can sometimes be a bane as it can be a bit easy to overcap without meaning to, it also makes them a very useful/cheap hero for your roster that can afford to go for health/crit skills without trading survival.

Promoted they are a very formidable hero and are the only class that can currently surpass the evasion cap (they can reach 78%.) This helps counter the issue wanders can run into with regards to over-capping evasion.

Ninja / Sensei

Innate Ability (Ninja)

+20% Evasion and +40% Critical Hit Chance, until damaged.

Innate Ability (Sensei)

+20% Evasion and +40% Critical Hit Chance, until damaged.
Regain bonuses after 2 rounds.

The classic Ninja has long been hailed as one of the most potent hero classes, and rightly so! Very evasive out the gate, with a built in 40% CR, these guys will likely make quick work of most enemies if given proper gear.

The greatest weakness though is the conditional on the innate. Being damaged kills these boosts, making the Ninja effectively have no innate. Additionally the enemy always attacks first, potentially hitting the Ninja and eliminating the passive boost before the Ninja even attacks!

Once promoted to Sensei they have a way to help mitigate this – they will regain their passive 2 rounds after losing it. It works is like this:

-Enemy attacks and hits
-Sensei attacks (no passive)
-Enemy attacks again (doesn’t matter if it hits or you evade)
-Sensei attacks (no passive)
-Passive activates again now before the enemy attacks

It’s still possible for them to be locked out of their innate if they were to get very unlucky – take steps to avoid this by using them in high burst-damage teams.


Innate Ability

Guarantees a Critical Hit after dodging an attack
+100% Critical Hit Damage

This built-in ability has a unique, and class defining trait – when a Dancer dodges and attacks, their next attack is guaranteed to crit. This effectively turns their evasion stat into a second CR! To top it off, the innate comes packaged with added CD to pump up the potency. This ability causes +EVA skills and gear to be weighted extremely high when designing a Dancer due to it essentially being 2 stats.

GT – General Strategy

Green types do not have incredible base stats, and particularly low HP. They need much more help than other classes to perform their roles with proficiency. That said, the amount of ‘help’ they need is not insurmountable by any means. Gear and spirits exist allowing for up to +17% EVA to be acquired there, or +12% CR.

Generally, 50%+ EVA is the target, with stat priorities falling more toward ATK/CR and HP afterwards. Given the fact that you can hit upwards of 40% Evasion without skills on many green types, it is fairly easy to reach this baseline currently.

Lizard is an amazing spirit to keep in mind when making your Green types – the constant regen will keep your hero going for a lot longer due to their evasiveness. Paired with defense skills this can get ridiculous.

GT – Skill Options

If you’re unsure as to what any of the skill icons mean you can find a picture here which displays them all.

Because of the lacking base stats, but terrific innate skills, the skill goals for Green types lean heavily toward optimization around triggering and making the most of crit.

The following skills give the best results that we have found –

This set is inclusive but not as structured as other classes. Each of these skills could standalone in fantastic efficiency, but adding all 4 on top of each other gives 4x the amazing!


Green types base EVA is 30% (50% as a Wanderer/Ninja). With Curse, Antimagic Net, and Marksman you add another 20%. Coupled with gear and spirits you are looking at a total EVA of 61% or 67% pending on if you go with Lion or Cat spirits. Well above the aforementioned goal of 50%+. With an EVA stat in the 60s, you can begin to assume they will dodge the majority of the hits that come their way.

The real kicker is that these skills also come with the highest attack bonuses offered for Green types while bringing along the added EVA. Then of course Death Dealer adds just enough extra punch to the inevitable crits.

Working off that same concept, here is a selection of skills that are “almost best”, but are simply outclassed by the set above because of slight potency differences, or synergy –

These skills are all great alone or together, and any combination of 4 skills from this group plus the optimal set will make for an incredible Green type.

Other Effective Builds –

Generally a Green type can obtain all the needed EVA from secondary skill stats and gear, but if you roll the heavy hitting EVA or even DEF skills, there is merit to flipping the script slightly.

Let’s start with the heavy EVA build –

These two skills give 40% EVA on their own. A Green type’s base EVA is 30%, and when you add in the 6% from a full kit of Lion Spirits, you reach 76% EVA!

This is 1% more than you can even utilize, as EVA’s effective cap is 75%, but capping EVA with 2 skills allows for complete freedom on the next two skill slots!

You will not set any damage records that the previously. mentioned ‘best’ build will, but this build will likely win more fights from shear probability.

Not recommended for Wanderer or Ninja however, as their innate abilities would boost Evasion far over the 75% cap.

The other option is if you roll heavy into DEF skills –

These skills add loads of DEF, along with EVA, and make for a formidable wall of damage absorbing power. With these 2 skills you maintain a +15% EVA boost, with a colossal 155% DEF boost. Add in the 11-17% EVA you can gain from gear and spirits, plus base, and you have a high defense 56-62% EVA monster of a tank!

This build has even less chance of dying/failing than the full EVA build does, albeit slightly weird, it is an interesting build if your skill luck rolls you a Tank Green type.

Extra Conditioning gets a special mention due to just how darned powerful it can be – it’s up there along with Impervious in terms of skill rankings and is a welcome addition to any Green build.

Other skills you should keep because they are awesome –

Weapon skills are huge boosts to ATK power and can cause any hero to pack a mean punch.

Acrobatics is almost just as good as Blurred Movement, and works well for the same concepts.

Safekept Receipt is great for allowing lower quality gear to have a chance to shine. These skills really benefit from items with more than one stat on them and will allow you to run harder content on a lower budget.

GT – Gearing Up

Green types are fairly limited in their equipment options, and have a crucial ‘must have’ pieces containing EVA as the secondary stat. Other slots are traditionally filled with ATK boosting pieces, and a weapon that matches a weapon skill roll.

If you rolled no weapon skill, use a weapon with a complimenting secondary skill, such as HP. Green type’s base HP is lacking and needs all the help it can get.

Best in slot suggestions can be found here.

Something to consider when picking gear is enchanting it with a break reduction spirit (Horse, Walrus.) When paired with a break reduction skill, this can help a lot in keeping breaks low (more so if paired with Engineer.)

Conditional Exceptions –

If you’re happy with how well your hero is surviving, consider swapping some of the defensive items for a more offensive variant (such as Rogue Sombrero over Republic Coiffe.)

GT – Spirit Choice

Bonuses to EVA are the lifeblood of Green type, and Lion not only has that but also an ATK boost!

Other Conditional Options

Lizard has incredible staying power for Green types because they dodge most hits, allowing Lizard’s heal to keep up with actual damage taken. Most useful on Green types built to solo, as lizard is wasted if you aren’t actually taking the hits.

Cat can be considered over Lion if your EVA is particularly low (below 50% even with Lion.) You will likely see better results from raising your EVA at that point.

GT – Solo Potential

Depending on the solo target, all Green types bring the ability to pull it off!

Dancer stands out as the most likely to succeed but with promotion the other Green types show much potential!

Your goals are 50%+ EVA and a healthy dose of ATK. You also need excellent skill rolls that favor CD. You are not winning by outlasting the enemy – instead you win by crushing them with strong critical hits. Lizard should also be considered for staying power.

Lots of personal trial and error is needed on the players part to find what works with these, as luck plays a large role.

See here for some examples of what to look for in a solo Green.

GT – Fitting Into The Team

A Green type fits nicely into any team, and anyone who says otherwise isn’t watching their fights.

On paper, it looks like if you send a Green type with let’s say, a Berserker, they will take almost no hits and never utilize their evasion or innate abilities. This is false, and threat cannot be trusted!

Yes the Berserker would probably take most of the single target hits to the face instead of your Green type, but all enemies AoE at a 20-25% rate!

This is huge, and a team with 1 or more Green types on it will absolutely conquer any AoE spam enemy (of which there is a surprising amount) in record time.

In short – They are not just solo’ers.

Blue Types (BT)

Highest base attack values in the game… That is essentially the best way to describe these powerhouses. A Blue type will hit very hard, very consistently, and do it without needing much help from skills and gear. They do have some drawbacks, mainly low HP values, but generally nothing that cannot be fixed with gear choices. A Blue type on any squad is a substantial boost to the overall win chance, with great potential to enable low man teams to succeed.

BT – Class Breakdowns

All abilities are listed at their maximum level of potency, with any post-promotion benefits included.

Mage / Archmage

Innate Ability

+50 Health
+60% Attack

Previous to promotion, the innate ability has no health bonus, and a maximum attack potency of 50%.

Mages receive a substantial boost to stats and innate with promotion. They are free to hire, meaning you could reroll them at little to no cost, hunting for that perfect 1st skill roll. Then promote them into a powerhouse! Their gear slots allow for fantastic boosts to ATK values, which compounds with their innate, and the extra health works to buffer their greatest weakness.

Cleric / Bishop

Innate Ability

+20 HP Regen per turn
Avoids 1 fatal blow

Before promotion the innate ability only heals a maximum of 10 HP per turn.

Clerics heal themselves every turn, basically a built in, beefed up Lizard spirit. It has its merits, but is ultimately overshadowed by the raw ATK increases of other Blue types.

However, when promoted to Bishop their immense staying power becomes a massive boon – you are able to use them to solo fights that others would struggle in just by being able to heal most of the damage you take each turn, more so if paired with Lizard.

Druid / Arch Druid

Innate Ability

+80% with Herbal Medicine and Amulets

A Druid receives a big boost to their equipped Herbs and Amulet, which stacks HP, DEF, and ATK fairly high! Even pre-promoted, this class can very easily put up impressive numbers, and down any enemy before them. The HP/DEF boosts from the herbs and Amulet give much needed survival assistance, and they will fit well in any team.

If promoted to Arch Druid, the scaling improves dramatically with the raw ATK boosts from herbs combined with +ATK skills, putting Druids on course to potentially perform even better than their other Blue type peers!

Sorcerer / Warlock

Innate Ability

Has a chance to learn powerful exclusive skills
+50% with Spells

Even before promotion a Sorcerer is a wrecking ball capable of performing almost as well as its big brother the Geomancer. Post-promotion with the 4th skill slot and increased base stats, this is even more pronounced and they become one of the best damage dealers! Spells have insanely high attack values, which are further increased with the innate. The exclusive skills pack some of the highest additional value out of any skills, and some are even common rarity!

Keep in mind that for Sorcerer/Warlocks, raw attack will outperform weapon damage.

Spellblade / Spellknight

Innate Ability

+20% to all equipment

The Spellblade has built in power creep and can equip almost any piece of gear. This further power creeps with newly released items, as odds are the Spellblade can use them. 20% to all equipment means you can also get away with cheaper gearing options.

Geomancer / Astramancer

Innate Ability

+40% Attack
+1% Attack per point in any Element

This built-in ability has a max potency that reaches +130% ATK! That is almost as high as the best epic skills, and this class has it built in upon being hired. A Geomancer is only as beefy as his gear is enchanted! This is crucial, and you can not make concessions on element tier choice. A Geomancer demands all T9 elements on all 6 pieces of gear, no exceptions.

BT – Skill Options

If you’re unsure as to what any of the skill icons mean you can find a picture here which displays them all.

There are currently two extremely potent paths to take when picking skill builds, and they both have quite a few overlapping selections.

Blue type base stats are clearly weighted heavily on the ATK side. It only makes sense to build toward harnessing that raw power with the potency of skills, and make up for HP/DEF shortcomings with seeds and gear. Alternatively, you can attempt to make up for the lack of HP/DEF with skills as well, trading a slight drop in overall ATK for heavy gains in survivability.

The following skills give the best results that we have found –

Adept provides a massive damage boost to Wands and Staffs, allowing for some ridiculous numbers from your weapon.

Building for CD is a great way to ‘raise the ceiling’ on potential Blue type potency, because critical hits are extremely powerful when your ATK values are as high as Blue types can get. Death Dealer and All Natural are chosen as the ideal combo to reach excellent CR/CD values, Telling Blows is also great to pair with them.

Perfect Form and Mana Shield are the core of the alternative build. The idea is to bake in survivability with skills whilst also buffing ATK, allowing your Blue type to dominate whilst overcoming their low defence. Impervious further adds to the fun by providing enough HP to rival even the tankiest Red types!

Working off that same concept, here is a selection of skills that are “almost best”, but are simply outclassed by the set above because of slight potency differences, or lack of synergy –

These skills are great alone or together, and any combination of 4 skills from this group plus the optimal set will make for an incredible Geomancer.

Other Effective Builds –

There are not many other paths that play out even half as well as the +ATK/CD build. However, a few tweaks can be made to obtain solo builds (See ‘Solo Potential’ section below)!

Other skills you should keep because they are awesome –

Weapon skills are huge boosts to ATK power and can cause any hero to pack a mean punch.

Safekept Receipt is great for allowing lower quality gear to have a chance to shine. These skills really benefit from items with more than one stat on them and will allow you to run harder content on a lower budget. This skill especially shines if you take advantage of any HP increasing equipment.

Sorcerer Exclusives

Sorcerer has the ability to acquire skills exclusive to them, and with that comes a completely different set of ‘best in slot’.

The following skills are the ones to keep an eye out for, everyone of them is fantastic and can replace any ATK skill from the previous sections!


Spellblades have access to a massive range of skills, which means they have options that are fantastic but are not listed above. Here are some examples of skills you can look out for.

BT – Gearing Up

Blue types rely very heavily on their gear set to survive.

As stated many times before a Blue type is incredibly powerful right from the get go. You are not going to have a Blue type who hits meekly, and almost all available gear slots generally have some sort of boost to ATK.

Play to a classes strengths, and make sure key slot choices are enhanced with quality. For example, the returns of putting 2 epic spells on a Sorcerer are incredible!

Best in slot suggestions can be found here.

Something to consider when picking gear is enchanting it with a break reduction spirit (Horse, Walrus.) When paired with a break reduction skill, this can help a lot in keeping breaks low (more so if paired with Engineer.)

Conditional Exceptions –

Spellblades have many options other than what is listed here, and allow for much more variety in choice! Feel free to swap any of the suggestioed options for the heavy armor compliment, to snag more HP and DEF

If you feel like your hero could use some more DEF, swap out the lower tier items from the best list with higher tier items with no secondary stats

BT – Spirit Choice

Bear is normally the best choice for almost all situations on Blue types. The HP works to boost survivability, and almost always allows for at least 1 more round of attacks. The added ATK boost also enhances the existing massive potency of Blue type damage.

Lizard is usually the choice for the budding solo/duo Blue type. The value added over a set of Bear shows itself if the battle goes 5+ rounds, of which many solo/duo setups will.

Eagle is the final enhancement to a completely decked out non-solo/duo Blue type. When your skills and gear are all legendary, and a theoretical ceiling of damage has been reached, the best way to improve further is with increasing the chance to crit.

Walrus has a special forces type role in this line up. The HP gained from a full set will more than double the add from Bear. This is notable if attempting to build an aggressively tanky Blue type, with secondary focus on ATK values. The break chance reduction is an excellent sub benefit as well.

BT – Solo Potential

Blue-type soloing revolves around one of the following two things:
A) have enough bulk to outlast the opponent whilst blasting them down
B) having high evasion and lizards to outlast whilst you chip away at them.

Have a look here for examples on how to build your Blue hero to solo.

BT – Fitting Into The Team

A Blue type fits into literally any team. They bring consistent damage output, and easy results.

Their true hidden talent lies in their ability to translate raw ATK into replacing the need for extra members entirely!

A Red type hero + 1 Blue type is a duo squad capable of anything, assuming they are both geared appropriately.


With the Titan’s Soul, obtained by clearing the Tower of Titans event, you can promote 1 hero upon use!

This act will raise the base stats of the selected hero to extreme heights, creating a ‘next tier’ of heroes above and beyond the current highest tier.

Every hero class has the ability to be promoted, which comes with the following benefits:

  • Base stats are increased, more extreme for the lower tier heroes, with all classes ending up roughly equal
  • Promoted classes all allow for 4 skill slots
    • Classes must still reach the proper level to unlock these skills
  • Some classes obtain the ability to use new weapon, armor, and accessory types
    • Soldier can use Spears (Slot 1, Weapon Slot)
    • Barbarian can use Shields (Slot 6, shared with Herbal Medicine)
    • Knight can use Swords and Maces (Slot 1, Weapon Slot)
    • Berserker can wear Helmets (Slot 3, shared with Gauntlets)
    • Thief can wear Light Footwear (Slot 4, shared with Gloves)
    • Musketeer can wear Light Footwear (Slot 4, shared with Heavy Footwear)
    • Cleric can use Rings (Slot 6, shared with Shield )
    • Druid can use Rings (Slot 5. shared with Amulet)
  • Some classes receive bonuses to their innate abilities
    • Soldier
      • Before: +25% DEF
        • After: +35% DEF
      • Retains ability to learn skills faster
    • Barbarian
      • Before: +25% HP and +50 Threat
      • After: +30% Health, +60 Threat Rating, 40% of total Threat is added as an attack multiplier
    • Samurai
      • Before: The Samurai’s first attack is always a critical strike. +200% Critical hit damage.
      • After: The Daimyo’s first attack is always a critical strike. The Daimyo will always evade on the first round. +200% Critical hit damage.
    • Thief
      • Before: +30 HP and +100% ATK with Dagger
      • After: +60 HP and +100% ATK with Dagger, Bow, and Crossbow. +3% to Polonia’s steal chance and +2 max items stolen
    • Grandmaster
      • Before: +100% with Rings and +200% Critical Damage.
      • After: +100% with Rings and +200% Critical Damage. May learn a very powerful exclusive skill.
    • Musketeer
      • Before: +20% Critical Hit Chance and +100% Critical Hit Damage.
      • After: +20% Critical Hit Chance and +100% Critical Hit Damage. +25% Critical Hit Damage per consecutive critical hit (stacks up to 4 times.)
    • Wanderer
      • Before: +20% Evasion
      • After: +20% Evasion. +3% to Max Evasion.
    • Ninja
      • Before: +40% Critical Hit Chance and +20% Evasion until damaged
      • After: +40% Critical Hit Chance and +20% Evasion until damaged. Regain bonus after 2 rounds.
    • Mage
      • Before: +50% ATK
      • After: +60% ATK and +50 Health
    • Cleric
      • Before: +10 HP regen per turn
      • After: +20 HP regen per turn

You can find more info on Tower of Titans here.

Picking Promotion Targets

The beauty of the promotion is that it brings any class up to “Tier 7” levels. This means a promoted Soldier is potentially ‘better’ than a non-promoted Berserker!

What this means is that, if every class is standing in a line, and they are all promoted. They would all be just as potent as each other in terms of base stats, and their variations boil down to type (red/green/blue), and the classes innate abilities.

Here is a guideline rating for each class and its promotion potential

 NamePromotionPromotion Rating
DruidArch Druid⭐⭐⭐⭐

How to interpret the table

One of the most common questions that we get asked is what hero would we recommend promoting. Given that we have access to a limited amount of Titan Souls (12 per year at max presuming you manage to clear every tower) some players want to ensure they’re getting a great deal when using them so we came up with that table.

Now it’s worth noting that the table is not based on hero strength alone (if you’re looking for that kind of data, check out the version I use on the solo build page here) – the main factor we aimed for was the difference in potential between unpromoted/promoted variants of a hero (some classes get way more benefit from a Titan Soul just from being able to have 4 skills), as well as also considering whether they’re easy or difficult to roll a good skill loadout on, are they a “yeah soul this and it 100% should be great” hero and so on.

This does however create a problem – similiar to the issue the hero power rating ingame runs into, it’s tricky to try and condense all that into a single easy to understand point of reference that also has meaning.

Whereas it’s reasonably straightforward to determine a classes’ maximum potential (we can use data from both in-game quests and out of game combat simulators to test against pre-defined goals and see if they would achieve it,) a table guide for just general hero guidelines is a more complicated affair.

This is the reasoning behind the ratings you see in the above table:

Mercenary – there isn’t a compelling reason to ever promote a solider. Being able to access their 4th skill slot earlier had a bit more value when the training hall was harder to level that is no longer the case, nor is it a hero you would want to keep around in the long-term.

Chieftain: 6.3 gave these a great buff and they are a formidable tank with some damage to back that up. However, given that their base class is a tier 2 (so can only roll 2 skill slots naturally before it’d require promotion) they can be awkward to roll, hence losing some stars.

Lord: whilst they have a great armour stat, this is generally overkill for most content and they don’t have anything cool to back them up. This may change in a future patch based on the developer q&a where they mentioned expanding promoted classes to have some cool things that make them stand out.

Warden: loved by Polonia teams for their reduced rest time, this combination of evasion and armour can pull off some really impressive feats (see this video for an example.)

Daimyo: though they were also buffed in 6.3, they pretty much gain nothing from being promoted. Samurai/Daimyo have not scaled well into harder content and this is only going to get worse in future.

Jarl: Berserkers are already an awesome Fighter type (it’s very difficult to roll a bad berserker, they work with nearly anything.) Promoting them to Jarl makes them a bit cooler but it’s unnecessary – they’re strong enough without it.

Trickster: Great in Polonia crews thanks to their buff in 6.4, but are of limited use outside of that (and as with Chieftain, difficult to roll.)

Grandmaster: difficult to roll one that’ll be great, very easy to roll one that sucks.

Conquistador: with the extra skill slot gained on promotion, you can make a team of these paired with Donovan that puts out over 300k damage per turn due to their insane crit potential.

Pathfinder: being able to bypass the evasion cap by an extra 3% is great, and with their baseline 50% evasion they’re pretty easy to roll (like Warden, can pull off stupid stuff, see here.)

Sensei: before 6.3 there wasn’t a scenario where promoting a ninja was a good idea. Ninja and Sensei suffer from the issue of being the only class in the game that has the potential to get worse during a fight (after taking a hit their innate is disabled, essentially meaning they lose a skill slot.) The 6.3 change allowing Sensei to regain their innate in battle helped, but still not a recommended pick.

Acrobat: I would argue dancers are the best class in the game unpromoted, and really do not need to be promoted to be awesome (that said, acrobat can do even more insane things than Warden/Pathfinder, see here.)

Archmage: 2 extra slots means they can put out some respectable damage, but tricky to roll like grandmaster.

Bishop: so these have an incredible survival stat due to the +20hp they get per turn. However, they have a low damage output and whilst they will survive, the rest of the team will likely die in the process making them an unappealing choice.

Archdruid: they take a different approach to the undying route by just having a truckload of health whilst putting out decent damage. They’re also pretty reasonable to roll.

Warlock: Some of the sorcerer unique skills are amazing – being able to pick up another one of them makes them a fantastic pick. They can put out insane damage thanks to the scaling from their innate and being able to equip 2 spells.

Spellknight: 4.3 lowered the strength of their innate. Couple that with the mixed blessing/curse they can roll pretty much every skill makes them tricky to roll well, very easy to roll a bad one.

Astramancer: Already a pretty strong class without a soul, a promotion does little for them. As with Lord, might change in a future update.

Class Data

Below is the base stats for each class at level 1 and level 40.

Max values are associated with what they are at level 40, top number is pre-promotion, bottom is after.

 NamePromotionMax HPMax ATKMax DEFBase EVABase CRBase CDBase Threat











































DruidArch Druid220













Base stats for the other levels can be found here if you want in spreadsheet form, or here if you want a calculator (credit to Rioran on the ST subreddit for making this tool, it’s more mobile-friendly than the sheet.)