Heroes and Champions

A beginner’s guide


Heroes and champions form a key part of Shop Titans – they’ll go and plunder poor innocent creatures homes monster lairs and acquire the components you need to craft items, as well as providing some items you can sell to the endless horde of customers. This page is designed to provide a basic understanding of what heroes and champions do – more in-depth information can be found in the hero academia.

Hero Types

Fighters (Red Types)

Fighters primary purpose in your teams is to act as a tank – they aim to take the majority of the damage allowing your squishier heroes to attack in peace. They achieve this with the use of threat and having high defence and health.

Rogues (Green Types)

Rogues bring burst damage to your party. They tend to rely on critical strikes to deliver devastating amounts of damage, whilst using evasion to dodge any hits aimed in their direction.

Spellcasters (Blue Types)

Spellcasters bring reliable damage and are the least likely of the 3 types to be hit by the enemy. There’s generally no problems that can’t be fixed in life by throwing fireballs at it, and spellcasters bring them in droves.


Let’s take a look at a hero’s stats and see what each one means:

Introducing Lauren, the hero who totally won’t be deleted after this tutorial

HP is the amount of damage a hero can receive before they fall in battle. A dead hero receives no XP and has an increased recovery time so you ideally want this to be a high number.

Attack is the damage your hero will do to the enemy. Pretty straightforward: bigger number = more damage.

Critical Hit Chance is the chance your attack will do more damage (your attack will be multiplied by your Critical Damage modifier.) You can view these numbers by tapping on the Attack stat of your hero.

Defence affects how much the enemy will hit you for1.If you’d like your Red-types to survive a battle you generally want this pretty high.

Evasion is a hero’s chance to avoid being hit. This is most prominently used by Rogues to ensure their continued existence. It has a hard cap of 75%

Threat determines the likelihood of a hero being attacked – a higher number means the enemy will hate them more. You can view this number by tapping on the Defence stat of a hero.

Elements affect the skills of a hero – higher values can level your skills up giving them stronger effects. This stat is increased by enchanting your gear with, well, elements.


Skills come in three different rarities: Common, Rare, and Epic. Each rarity has its own skills and then there are skills unique to each class type (you can find a list of all the skills here.)

By pressing on the “i” in the lower right corner of a skill, you can bring up a detailed overview of it:

The number on the right-hand side is the element total required for the skill to reach that level.


Champions can be thought of as permanent heroes – they have their own tab and cannot be retired. Instead of using skills and equipment like normal heroes, they have their own stats and special power which can be upgraded by using hero coins on them. There are currently 9 champions in the game:

Type: Fighter
Special Power: Increases the attack and defence of the party.

Type: Spellcaster
Special Power: Increases the health of the party and heals them each turn. Reduces the resting time of the party.

Type: Rogue
Special Power: Increases both the ATK of the party and the amount of components found.

Type: Rogue
Special Power: Increases the evasion and the critical hit chance of the party. Reduces the time required to complete the quest.

Type: Fighter
Special Power: Increases the critical hit chance of the party and prevents gear breaks (this power only lasts for a few rounds.)

Type: Rogue
Special Power: Increases the defence and evasion of the party. Allows the party to have a chance at stealing items from the enemy.

Type: Spellcaster
Special Power: Increases stats of party members based on their classes.

Type: Spellcaster
Special Power: Increases the health of the party. Drains health from her companions to bolster her own attack.

Type: Fighter
Special Power: Increases the attack and defence of the party. Reduces the time required to complete the quest. Bonuses are doubled against bosses.

Should a Champion be killed in battle, their power will still remain active. This does not apply to Hemma’s Drain power.

  1. The way defence scales is outside the scope of this page due to its complexity. You can find more on how it works here underneath the enemy damage section