Heroic Information

A reference point for hero guides

Beginner Hero Guides

If you’re brand new to Shop Titans and don’t know anything at all about heroes check out this handy beginner page.

The Hero Academia provides an brief overview of each class and the role they play, as well as a quick explanation of some quest mechanics.

A counterpart to the academia, Tyco has a guide on questing which goes over the different roles a hero can play and the different approaches you can take to quests.

Need some advice on how to use your champions and what familiars to use? Tyco’s got you covered with his Champion Roles guide.

Not sure what to recruit for your roster? Have a look at these example teams.

Need some assistance with clearing Tower of Titans? Take a look at the budget wanderer build.

Advanced Hero Guides

If you’re just looking for a simple “this is the best gear/skills for your hero” page and don’t much care for the math behind it check out the tl;dr guide.

If you’d like to know more about how to build each class and what skills you should be keeping an eye out for check out ArchonMal’s “What makes a good hero?” guides.

Wondering what’s the best use for your titan souls? Check out ArchonMal’s “Promotions and you”.

Want to know how to get the best value out of your gear with the least gold? Look into ArchonMal’s “Min-Maxing Gear” guide.

Speed up the time it takes you to create great heroes by looking at our retire and rehire guide.

If you wish to learn more about how to utilise Polonia for maximum stealing potential check out Tyco’s “Plundering with Polonia” guide.

Nerd Stuff

If you’re looking to learn how the game calculates things such as your attack value take a look at the combat compendium.

Quest Data lists the varying defence breakpoints each quest has.

If you’re wondering how the power rating for heroes is calculated have a read of Ress’ rather detailed post on it (and why you shouldn’t use it as a guideline.)