I Love Spellblades

It’s no secret really. I have been proclaiming my Spellblade love for many months now, and the list of reasons why has been growing by the day! In this post I will be diving into my newest creation ‘Saiyan-Spellbade’, and detail why they are so incredible.

Why Spellblade?


  • Innate gives +30% to all gear, which is a built in power creep, as gear stats keep improving with new packs/tiers
    • This innate also explodes in potency as you raise the quality of gear you are using, Legendary gear gains amazing benefits to its stats
  • They can equip almost anything, meaning any new OP pack item that comes out is likely usable by the almighty Spellblade
  • Their base stats are pretty awesome for a T5 class, and whatever skills you roll can be complimented with their awesome gear selection!
  • They can use any element, meaning all those seemingly useless chest items suddenly become cheap alternatives to the ‘best in slot’ options


  • You can’t have more than 25 of them
  • Suddenly everything seems too easy
  • All other classes begin to appear lame

Pretty easy to see why I have fallen so hard for Spellblade power!

Little bit of history

I lasted 10 months before I rerolled a single skill on any hero. I subscribed hard to the motto of, “every skill is a good skill” and you could literally make any hero work. It carried me just fine to where I am now, and I have had no problems clearing anything thrown at me.

Then we got Tower of Titans, and more specifically, Titan’s Souls for use in hero promotion.

This changed everything in my opinion, and heroes became far more fun to theorycraft unique and fun builds with. Then with massive motivation from Reiga’s Geo (info on this located here), I decided to try and emulate that potency with my favorite class, the Spellblade.

After many tweaks, many debates, many long nights of math, and no small plethora of gems, below is my Saiyan-Spellblade:

Look at all that majesty!

Lets start with the skills –

  • Mage Fortress / Soul Shield
    • These two skills are the bread and butter of any Blue type behemoth. Mage Fortress gives 70% ATK/DEF, while Soul Shield gives 80% ATK/DEF
    • Even alone, these skills stand as absolute powerhouses, but together they give a colossal 150% boost to ATK and DEF
  • Safekept Receipt
    • My favorite skill on literally any hero, but even more so on Spellblade! Their innate is already boosting all gear by 30%, then you tack on Safekept for an extra 40%!
    • This makes green gear feel like epics, and bumps legendary gears stats into obscene levels
    • Oh and of course, -45% break chance is an incredibly valuable stat, for use in these high value builds
  • Relentless Assault
    • This is the one toss up skill. I honestly think I would prefer Perfect Form instead, but this rolled into this slot first, and so I ran with it
    • It hit the +100% ATK I was looking for, and the added 50 health is more than welcomed

Now the gear

Of all the gear choices for Spellblade, why did I choose these 6?

  • Gentleman Blade
    • The secondary stat on this is DEF, with other options having HP, or slightly less DEF. I went with the DEF option because DEF is the new hotness, and I wanted this Spellblade to be able to hit heavy mitigation targets on every piece of content we have
  • Star-Spangled Plate and Warlord Helmet
    • I chose the HP secondary here over the ATK options, because my first goal of this build is survival, and I needed the higher HP base to enhance the effects of the Walrus Spirit
  • Shoes of Style
    • The other options are all terrible, this is a no brainer pick
  • Grimoire Aeternum and Dawnflower Ring
    • These are my heavy hitting ATK pieces. I run spell in this slot on all my Spellblades cause the increase in ATK is immense, and I chose ring in this build because the added HP from Clover did not outweigh the additional ATK the ring provided

No weapon skill?!

Weapon skills are actually worse that non-weapon skills for Spellblades running skill sets like these that contain Safekept Receipt.

The innate bonus of 30% plus the 40% from safekept, boosts all gear pieces, allowing those boosts to trickle down into being further enhanced by the flat ATK bonuses of the shield skills and Relentless Assault.

All in all, if I were to swap any of these 4 skills to Warlord for example. I would actually lose stats all across the board, with most stats lost in ATK.

Weird right? But that’s just the way math works everyone!

The cool thing here is that I heavily prefer weapon agnostic builds, because then you are not locked into a specific type, and are free to use any new shiny OP pack item that may drop. It is sort of a happy accident/bonus that Spellblades (my favorite class if I havent mentioned) are actually able to optimally avoid weapon skills!

Is that spirit… Walrus?

Yes, it is!

Walrus has quickly become my new favorite spirit for use in high end builds, especially Spellblades! If you don’t know, Walrus gives +5% HP and -30% Break chance to the item enchanted.

I say ‘high end builds’ because there is a decent chance that Walrus will not beat Bear in HP gained on many classes/builds. You need a substantial base HP pool for it to really shift the victory to Walrus, but when it does it is fantastic in the results.

Also the break chance reduction goes along with this too. The higher the quality of the item, the lower the base break chance. This build is backed by Safekept Receipt’s -45% break chance, then Walrus lowers this chance even further, and pushes legendary items all the way down to 0.6% break chance (with engineer).

The Results

This Spellblade can solo Castle Hard in 9 rounds, with the ability to eat 3 crits to the face once she reaches level 40.

If the enemy crits 0 times, she ends the fight at more than half health, meaning she is likely fairly future proofed for the next questing area.

This build is obviously super expensive and overkill, but it at least showcases the current top end of Spellblade-ness, and I am all for bringing more attention to these beauties!

What’s next?

The next post should see a full layout of what we are calling ‘Blue Type Meta’, or #BTM for short. Where we will dive into why the entire line of Blue types is amazing, and you should hire a bunch.

Look for this after the next Tower of Titans, when we will have a few more less used Blue types promoted and able to be showcased.

hint hint Mega-Bishop and All-powerful-Archdruid.

One reply on “I Love Spellblades”

One of main downside of spellblades is that they are super expensive in skill / hero rerolling. Naturally they have more skills to select from, blue type’s skill + some green and red’s skill, so it’s extremely luck dependent to finally get the target skill sets, no matter what kind of skill builds. It will cost tons of gems to reroll the skill, or tons of time and energy and gold to rehire heroes.

I would strongly advice against spellblade if you just wanna win game easy and pretty in the process.

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