Impackt: Airship Riders

Alternative title: Dragon Invasion Marketing Material

Dragonseeker Goggles (T12 Rogue Hat)
Sky Pirate Outfit (T5 Light Armor)
Antidragon Cannon/Splendid Allan’s Wheel (Decorations)
Aviator Goggles/Captain Outfit (Avatar Items)


Sky Pirate Outfit (T5 Light Armor)
86 DEF/5% Evasion
Affinity: Air
60 Leather/12 Fabric/8 Webbed Wing

Acting as a low-tier version of Cat Burglar’s Outfit the Sky Pirate Outfit offers a new evasion-based option for your levelling green-type heroes. It can also act as a break-bait option for when you would be running cat – for example on a Polonia trickster.

Think that’s probably the most I’ve written about a low tier pack blueprint in a fair while, it’s really good basically.

Dragonseeker Goggles (T12 Rogue Hat)
380 DEF/24 HP
Affinity: Air
404 Leather/123 Fabric/34 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/4 Grim Talon

From a crafting perspective

Taken in isolation the dragonseeker goggles isn’t a bad leather craft – it uses jewels which is non-standard for the rogue hat line and has an unusual ascension track which contains a second craft time reduction.

However when compared to other leather options we’ve had recently (such as the Stylish Poncho and Desperado Outfit) the goggles do nothing are found to be lacking – it has the most expensive rare resource cost and with no component reduction it’s also the most expensive on that front too.

From a meta perspective

On the other hand when it comes to best-in-slot the goggles do something – they easily take the top spot for rogue hats. It provides a great deal of survivability compared to its peers and the air affinity is welcomed by tricksters and dancers.

Ninjas may prefer to stick with Bunbun Masquerade to help make the most of their innate whilst it’s active but for everyone else embrace the silly looking goggles.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Propeller-Pike (T12 Spear)
Baross’ Backup (T12 Crossbow)
Dragon Skies/Clear Skies/Airship Sails (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Propeller-Pike (T12 Spear)
690 ATK/21 HP
Affinity: Water
387 Wood/113 Ironwood/41 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Might/3 Boreal Gale

From a crafting perspective

Propeller-Pike starts with a pretty hefty jewel cost but via the magic of mastery and ascension we can reduce that by 14, dropping it to 27 which makes it a reasonably okay option for wood crafting.

I’ll level with you the problem is this – Hotshot Carbine exists which:
A) had much better crafting costs and
B) is (at the time of this post) the best weapon option for Dragon Invasion.

Any wood craft is going to look kind of meh when compared against that magnificent beauty but outside of that yeah a fair crafting option.

From a meta perspective

Samurai rejoice! Sort of anyway. They’ve been in need of a new water-affinity weapon for a long time and the Propeller-Pike offers an option there.

Whilst this does act as their new best-in-slot weapon and frees them from having to run aurora to hit 170 affinity, the damage increase compared to running Titan Sword is minimal – its low attack value of 690 (I mean damn that’s lower than the pack dagger we had) is very underwhelming.

And no other spear-wielding class should consider touching this there are so many better options for them.

Baross’ Backup (T12 Crossbow)
820 ATK/205 Defence
Affinity: Air/Shark
420 Wood/110 Ironwood/40 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/3 Crush Claw

From a crafting perspective

Basically just copy/paste what I wrote in the propeller-pike section with the adjustment that the jewel cost can only be dropped to 32 instead of 27. Second best option for Dragon Invasion though so if you missed the carbine it’s worth considering.

From a meta perspective

Baross’ Backup is an incredibly awesome crossbow – it offers a good combination of damage/survivability and the air affinity frees up options for dancers and tricksters (can drop cloudwalker for example for the desperado spurs.)

It’s also quite welcome on a Warden too – although it offers less damage than the carbine it means they don’t have to run a t10 helmet which allows them to drop gobblelord.

A very good weapon to have and it’s basically carrying this pack as it’d be disappointing otherwise.



  • Sky Pirate Outfit brings some new evasion options to lower tier and a potential break-bait choice.
  • Dragonseeker Goggles look a bit ridiculous but they are amazing for your rogue hat slot.
  • Propeller-Pike is best option for samurai but really falls short on the damage front.
  • Baross’ Backup is incredible and should be equipped at your earliest possible opportunity on your dancers/tricksters/wardens.
  • No, the antidragon cannon doesn’t fire so I don’t see it really helping during the invasion.
  • Does have a pretty stylish new top though.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 9/10
Superior Pack: 8/10*
If you don’t own Roxanne it’s 3/10.

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