Impackt: Arcade

Insert coins to continue… 10… 9… 8…

Satchel of Essentials (T13 Potion)
Power-Up Pie (T6 Meal)
Neon Sign/Claw Machine (Decorations)
Craft Punk VR/Space Sneakers (Avatar Items)


You can use the Power-Up Pie to hit the +1% global surcharge ascension bonus if you’ve been collecting the other meals that have been on sale. Nothing else of note.

From a crafting perspective

The Satchel of Essentials is a reasonable crafting option at this point in the tier – it has a nice -13 Ether reduction milestone and the herb reduction is on the first mastery milestone making it cheaper to craft pretty much straight out the gate.

Due to it not being a spell it won’t be winning any spots in the Best DI Accessory awards.

From a meta perspective

It hasn’t been that long ago since we had last got a defensive potion upgrade but here we are again :P. Use this on your red-types to help keep them in the fight longer (though Samurai will prefer to stay with the Supreme Sunscreen.)


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Power Gauntlet (T13 Gauntlet)
Pellet Popper (T6 Gun)
Left Viewport/Right Viewport/Borderless Viewport/Viewport (Wallpaper)
Arcade Floor (Flooring)


I know right two premium gun blueprints back to back. Great for any levelling hero who can wield them.

From a crafting perspective

The Power Gauntlet offers an incredibly quick craft time in comparison to other tier 13 blueprints – it’s first milestone is a 50% time reduction. It also has 2 sources of iron reduction and a jewel reduction as well making it a fine choice for your iron crafting (though it’s a bit unfortunate in that the Plasma Saber just came out which is better but hey if you don’t buy the pass you could craft this.)

From a meta perspective

The problem with being an attack-based gauntlet is that most gauntlet wearers would much prefer extra health instead. The Power Gauntlet can be utilised by Daimyo and attack-based Jarls – outside of that I wouldn’t rush to use it.


  • Power up your meal ascension track with the Power-Up Pie.
  • Collect an essential potion upgrade.
  • Wonder how many more guns we’re going to get this year.
  • The Power Gauntlet ain’t that powerful.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 5/10

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Thanks for the review. I almost always get some sort of extra insight or information from reading these. I was curious to see how the “Viewport” wall looked too.

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