Impackt: Aurora

Alright everyone… Chill

Ice Queen’s Scepter (T11 Staff)
Twicicle Javelin (T7 Spear)
Precious Gem Rock/Yeti Plushie (Decorations)
Yeti Hat & Ears/Yeti Furry Pyjama (Avatar Items)


Twicicle Javelin (T7 Spear)
280 ATK/70 DEF
170 Wood/43 Ironwood/4 Evil Eye/4 Precious Gems

Apart from looking cool the Twicicle Javelin avoids the normal T7 trap of using triple resources. This is countered by a slight increase in the main 2 resources used, but it’s not an unusual pairing and it’s fairly cheap on the component front. A fair choice for those that can wield it whilst levelling.

Ice Queen’s Scepter (T11 Staff)
580 ATK/18 HP
300 Iron/90 Steel/31 Ether/1 Sigil of Spark/3 Boreal Gale

From a crafting perspective

An unorthodox combination for the staff line, requiring metal over wood. It does still use Ether which lines up with other staffs although that can make it a pain to fit into a rotation.

With ascensions the Ether cost can be dropped to 24 which isn’t too bad but we’ve had much better options for the metal slot.

From a meta perspective

It’s the new best-in-slot staff, replacing the Staff of Merriment12as the staff of choice. With the secondary stat being HP Ice Queen has some uses – for example if you happen to get Adept on a Spellblade. It also means it’s no longer super disappointing if you happen to get Staff Master as a skill as well.

That being said, due to its low attack stat when compared against wands it’s not a super great item all round. It’s a small uipgrade at best from Grimar’s (and not always an upgrade in some cases) and I’d still recommend Draconic Eyestalk if your hero can wield wands for group play. Still, nice to have a staff that’s not dead in the water on release ^_^


This will look way better when we have the snow again
Back by popular demand, another plushie.

Avatar Items

There is a new hat and a new top for your merchant.

You can change the colour of the fur on the hat, and on the top you can change the main fur colour and the heart colour.

Superior Pack

Aurora Springwater (T11 Potion)
Slippery Ice/Happy Yeti (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Aurora Springwater (T11 Potion)
135 DEF/68 HP
338 Herbs/98 Oil/31 Ether/1 Sigil of Spark/5 Crystal Lullaby

From a crafting perspective

Nothing out of the ordinary for a T11 Potion. The Ether costs is running on the high side – with ascension you can only drop it to 25 which is workable, but we have items like the Seltzer Surprise contesting for your herb slot.

From a meta perspective

Say hello to the new best-in-slot potion, dethroning King Oak Essence3 The extra bulkiness this potion provides is insane and is a great help to all classes that can wield it.

There will perhaps be some edge cases where in certain builds Midnight Oil works out better, but for the majority you’ll be wanting to go with Aurora.



  • Twicicle Javelin provides a solid tier 7 crafting option that’s also pretty cool looking.
  • Ice Queen’s Scepter is the new best-in-slot staff and has some uses, albeit not many.
  • Aurora Springwater dethroned a legend and is the new best-in-slot potion by far.
  • Theme your shop like an ice cube so you can remember the happier times when the heatwave decides to roll up.
  • Return of the plushies
  • Feel free to scare off your customers by wearing a Yeti on your head.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

  1. not that anyone used Merriment anyway
  2. 9.88 Swan’s Edges/16.93 Barkback’s Armor
  3. 16.33 Swan’s Edges! It lasted a hell of a long time! Precisely 28 Barkback’s Armor long.

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