Impackt: Autumn Mega Pack

Yeah we’re keeping the title idea

Pack Contents
Serrated Cinquedea (T6 sword blueprint)
Maplewood Gale (T9 bow blueprint)
Dresser of Autumn/Bed of Seasons (decoration)
Coat of Fallen Leaves/Autumn Canopy Crown (clothing)


Serrated Cinquedea (T6 Sword)
230 ATK, 5% Crit
113 Iron, 29 Steel, 4 White Sand, 4 Iron Pine Cone

We seem to be entering a pattern recently of new items being added that provide crit chance. That’s not a bad thing, and it has pretty sensible crafting costs. T6 means it’s not ideal for ascending cost wise though.

Maplewood Gale (T9 Bow)
410 ATK, 103 DEF
259 Wood, 72 Ironwood, 12 Jewels, 4 Ghastly Penant, 4 Webbed Wing

From a crafting perspective: this is actually a pretty solid contender for your wood craft slot. With its milestones and ascensions it comes incredibly close to the Striped Star for costs but with 1 less castle material requirement. Definitely one to consider.

From a meta perspective: this obviously defeats bramblebane so it’s a contest between Maplewood and Cupid. Due to Cupid only being a t8, the extra damage from Maplewood can normally drop you a HTK and the defence compensates for the loss of HP. It won’t be the best bow option for every situation but it should be considered an upgrade from cupid for the majority of heroes.


The two furniture items from the pack, taken against a neutral background. The bed is a pretty large decoration (the art department really loves beds. No special animations.

Both of the items have some colour swapping options:
– The colour of the leaves on the headwear can be swapped
– On the top, the chest and the arms can be 2 different colours.

Superior Items

So this is a plot twist: *2* superior items in a pack, 1 of which is a wand! This is unprecedented for a pack, anyway let’s get to the details.

Equinox Rod (T9 Wand)
520 ATK, 16 HP
275 wood, 77 hardwood, 19 jewels, 3 Ghastly Penant, 6 Moon Crystal

From a crafting perspective: It’s not necessarily bad, just it came in the same pack as another wood item which blows it out of the water.

From a meta perspective: Holy damn can you believe they made this?! A wand with 520 ATK and it gives HP! Like! !!!! Yeah basically this weapon is frigging awesome, and should be used wherever possible. BiS for anyone who has wand mastery/adept, BiS for dancers with no weapon skills, etc etc.

Vanguard Greaves (T9 Boots)
225 DEF, 14 HP
275 Iron, 77 Steel, 19 Jewels, 3 Ghastly Penant, 3 Star Metal

From a crafting perspective: Workable if you use the ascensions on it. If you have Seafarer’s Blade though this loses out to that. If you have Star Spangled, it’s about on par – less castle mat but other mats still needed.

From a meta perspective: The boot line is probably thinking “well finally someone remembered I exist!”. These hands down win the boot slot for BiS. Potentially BiS for spellblades as well if you don’t need the attack from Shoes of Style.


  • The sword brings another crit chance option for lower level heroes. Not worth buying just for an ascension however.
  • Maplewood is the new best-in-slot for bow, defeating Cupid in most cases.
  • Premium lines finally get some love in packs
  • Equinox Rod is amazing
  • Vanguard Greaves are also pretty cool
  • Still no animated furniture.

Final Rating

Mega Pack: 8/10
Superior Pack: 8/10

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