Impackt: Beach Day

Life’s a beach!

Radical Waverider (T13 Shield)
Iced FlavorPop (T6 Dagger)
Lifeguard Chair/Volleyball Net (Outdoor Decorations)
Lifeguard Vest/Rescue Can (Avatar Items)


So what’s pretty cool here with the Iced FlavorPop is that it changes colour based on the element you enchant it with. Unfortunately you can’t choose what colour you use for vanity gear purpose but it’s a great new direction we hope they continue in.

From left to right:
Unenchanted | Luxurious Element | Air | Fire | Light | Dark | Earth | Water |

From a crafting perspective

Radical Waverider is an okayish craft – there’s nothing really remarkable about it that makes it attractive and the jewel cost reduction is a bit smaller than we’d expect to see on a premium print. It is (at least) a reasonable pairing of ironwood/jewel if nothing else.

From a meta perspective

Great if you want to have your shield users take a more offensive approach (it can work quite well with Astramancers for example who can use the Water affinity) though your main tanks like Lords should stick to a defence/health shield.


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Coastal Towel (T13 Cloak)
Tiara of Tides (T13 Magician Hat)
Elven Sunset/Immortal Summer (Wall Decorations)


From a crafting perspective

Behold the latest development in the Precious Shell saga – a blueprint that calls for 12 of them along with 12 Deep Coral. The main mastery track has 4 milestones aimed at thinning that down and whilst it lacks the expected -Essence ascension you can completely ascend the Oil requirement away, making it only use Herbs and Essence.

Whilst it’s not quite up there for Airship Power it’s still a good choice for DI or for crafting in general.

From a meta perspective

The Tiara of Tides easily takes the spot as the best Magician Hat in that it offers a hefty amount of survivability. The problem it runs into at the moment is a few casters use their hat slot to gain a matching affinity so whilst this slots nicely for Astramancers it’s a bit trickier for the others.

This in theory should stop being an issue as more items are released for the tier just something to keep in mind right now.

From a crafting perspective

A more expected cost in terms of resources/components here. It’s worth noting that whilst the Accessory category for DI usually belongs to spells the Coastal Towel does manage to break into the top 10 just in case you hate crafting magic paper.

From a meta perspective

A straight upgrade from the Sakura Cloak for anyone who was using it (exception: Wardens as they use the affinity from Sakura.) A solid defence choice for any cloak wearer and will likely be up there for most of the tier.


  • We got some colourful ice pops for sticking into the enemy.
  • Get your shield wearers ready for surfing.
  • Craft the final boss of Precious Shells.
  • Imagine if there had been a blueprint that, in a pack introduced by the baker, would have thematically fit the Dessert line.

Final Score

Mega Pack: 5/10
Superior Pack: 9/10

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While the flavorpop being a dagger and not a dessert is indeed silly, they probably did it that way so that it’s visible on heroes and the color changes can be shown off. Desserts are not visible on heroes and thus cannot be used for transmog.

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