Impackt: Beach Party

It goes on sand on.

Pokey Parasol (T12 Spear)
Sandcastle Protector (T7 Helmet)
Surfin’ Whale/Crabby Clock (Decorations)
Diving Suit/Water Goggles (Avatar Items)


Sandcastle Protector (T7 Helmet)
43 ATK/170 DEF
Affinity: Earth
170 Iron/43 Steel/10 White Sand

Sandcastle Protector fittingly calls for sand just in a really large quantity – though it has 2 ascension milestones to lower that and a mastery milestone. Not really many use cases for it (at that level Gladiator Helm will tend to be the better pick.)

Pokey Parasol (T12 Spear)
710 ATK/178 DEF
Affinity: Light
Airship Power: 782
380 Leather/115 Fabric/45 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Grace/2 Crush Claw

From a crafting perspective

Starting with the positive side of this blueprint the Pokey Parasol is unique in being a weapon blueprint that calls for leather as its main material – this is new ground we’re treading here (and it’s pretty great for caprice.)

We can lower the jewel cost to 29 via ascensions/mastery (also of note is the multicraft milestone is the first ascension) and it only calls for 2 claws which is the cheapest of the Cinderlake materials. Not a terrible craft, though we did see better leather options fairly recently (for example Desperado Outfit.)

From a meta perspective

It’s the second T12 premium spear within a month, presumably because the item development was assigned to the same person who did Swan’s Edge/Lucky Strike. Going to start by borrowing part of the review from the previous spear pack:

No other spear-wielding class should consider touching this there are so many better options for them.

So let’s take a look at some of those options:


Can use the Titan Sword which has higher atk/def values. Could also use the Eggshell Smasher/Celesteel Knuckles which have identical values to the parasol they’ll just be cheaper to buy having been out longer.


Can also use the Titan Sword or Eggshell Smasher.


Whilst they can take advantage of the Light affinity our friend Titan Sword still exists which also has a Light affinity.


Having finally found themselves an upgrade with the recently released Propeller-Pike they’re not in a rush to swap – Propeller offers them Water-affinity which allows freedom in gear options.

Oh and they can use the Titan Sword too.


The last superior pack gave them a wonderful weapon (Ivory Queen Rod) which also has light affinity and blows the parasol out of the water in terms of stats- bishops really need the extra damage a wand provides.

In summary: if you’re going to ctrl + c ctrl + v item stats please choose a better source item to use (for example the titan sword.)


Avatar Items

Superior Pack

Supreme Sunscreen (T12 Potion)
Seashell Sands/Sandcastle Wall (Flooring/Wallpaper)


Supreme Sunscreen (T12 Potion)
178 ATK/89 HP
Affinity: Light
404 Herbs/123 Oil/36 Jewels/1 Sigil of True Spark/2 Crush Claw

From a crafting perspective

It has been a while since we had a high tier herb using blueprint. Supreme Sunscreen is also unusual in calling for jewels instead of the standard Ether for potions. Can be lowered to 29 jewels without ascension as well – it’s a milestone on the mastery track which is very welcome.

Overall, a reasonable choice for your herb slot.

From a meta perspective

It’s presumably bugged at the minute and is therefore only showing 1 stat. Cannot fairly judge it at this point in time.

Item fixed as of 11th August 2022:

Supreme Sunscreen is a pretty fantastic potion option for most of the potion using classes – chieftains, conquistadors and samurai are all big fans of it, as are damage-based berserkers (sunscreen replaces the Sakura Infusion.)

The affinity isn’t really too helpful – the only class that can take advantage of it (spellblade) has better options in that spot but it’s still a great item.



  • Put a replica of Jeremie’s castle on your hero’s head
  • Parasol is a bit of a paraflop
  • Sunscreen is supreme
  • Decorate your shop like a beach.
  • And dress up ready to go swimming (hey maybe Atlantis is coming.)

Final Score

Mega Pack: 4/10
Superior Pack: 10/10

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It lacks a secondary stat. Devs have confirmed it’s a known bug so I’ll wait for the fix before I review it.

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